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what we do

Corporate Rain International is a unique sales outsourcing service. We generate new business for you at an accelerated pace in both new and existing markets, with a clear and measurable return on investment. Over the last 18 years, our Campaigns have generated more than $1 billion in new business for our clients.

we act as your pipeline to
future revenue

Our process provides you with a high-end sales staff that saves you time, delivers faster results, and is more effective and accountable in generating future revenue for your company.

CRI is uniquely positioned to execute a “peer-to-peer approach” to corporate sales.

Our sales calls are always fluid, dynamic, and engaging – never scripted. When we call on your behalf, we speak with authority, working with you to be sure your company’s brand and identity are continually represented and reinforced in the finest possible light.

we understand polite persistence is everything

Generating new business is a slow and systematic process—requiring extraordinary patience and perseverance—and one in which there is a tremendous amount of time, money, effort, frustration, and rejection involved.

our philosophy

Corporate Rain is a company based on simple goodness and courtesy. We are known for our bespoke cherishing of our clients and their potential clients. Our work is highly customized, aggressive, and based on telling the truth. We tell each client’s truth with fierceness, articulate gravitas, and dependable ethics.