Our History

Corporate Rain was founded in 1996 when Founder¬†Tim Askew recognized the need for the a sophisticated high-end company in executive sales outsourcing. Having worked for a number of leading business consulting and marketing companies in New York, Tim rapidly saw that the sales process didn’t have to involve the traditional notion of “selling”, of convincing someone to purchase a product against their own wants or needs. Instead, it was all about respectfully and discretely communicating the truth.

And Corporate Rain was born.

Now in business for 21 years, and employing more than 30 executives and entrepreneurs, Corporate Rain ¬†enjoys a unique position in the world of “businesses that grow businesses.” We cherish our clients and their potential clients.

At CRI we realize that it’s not about the sale–but rather the interaction between two people or entities. We guarantee the very highest quality interaction at all times when representing our clients, thus putting them in the very best position to reap the rewards of future revenue.