Our Principles

Corporate Rain believes in giving back to the world in which we live. We tell the truth for our clients and we tell it fiercely.

Each year we give a three month pro-bono sales campaign to a deserving non-profit.

CR’s corporate principles can be distilled down to what we call “The Three S’s”:


We encourage our Executive Sales Associates to be zealous, fearless, authentic, and to not take rejection personally.


We find that experienced, educated, sophisticated generalists most often make the best salespeople. Why? Because when they represent anything–whether it be a product, a service, or a set of beliefs–they bring with them a broad life experience that allows them to interact with empathy, authority, and passion.


Above all else, as individuals and as a company, we strive to serve the greater good, doing everything in our power to give our clients the added tools to help them in whatever they may need.

Sales is about telling the truth and telling it fiercely–all while keeping in mind that service is the highest calling. This is Corporate Rain.