Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of former senior level execs and entrepreneurs—MBAs, PhDs—all of whom have significant business and/or academic backgrounds.
Our staff is uniquely positioned to execute upon a “peer-to-peer approach” to sales: a relaxed, informal, yet authoritative tone which we find works wonders when dealing with high-level executives. We represent you with gravitas, courtesy and judgment.


executive sales associates

  • Becky Bushey
  • Susan Coopman-Moser
  • Tom Cox
  • Mary Goggin
  • Natalie Grillo
  • Steven Hanauer
  • Rusty Hesse
  • Debra Luhowy
  • Tino Martinez
  • Dianna Moser
  • Lea Orth
  • David Rosston
  • Helen Turley
  • Sheryl Tuttle
  • Jerry Colpitts
  • Michael Woodall
  • James Stockman