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“They wanted to expand into larger markets…”


BzzAgent needed to increase their exposure with their ground-breaking WOM campaigns and wanted to reach large corporations. However, due to Bzz’s small staff size, they could not afford to reach their targeted companies and needed help from an outside source. Additionally, BzzAgent’s sales department needed to focus on nurturing their current business relationships and needed help starting new ones.


For fourteen months straight, Bzz partnered with Corporate Rain to initiate new corporate business. Their campaign consisted of 10 hours per week of calls and reached more than 900 target prospects. The total number of hours spent on these calls exceeded 560 hours with a success rate of just over 27%, including future possibilities. The campaign eventually expanded into the Canadian market where CRI worked closely with BzzAgent’s Canadian team.

105 appointments were generated for BzzAgent over fourteen months. Projects were generated with Molson Coors, Lego Systems, Jenny Craig, Reebok, General Mills and The J.M. Smucker Company, among others.

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