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“They wanted to expand into larger markets…”


Certus Corporation is a leading provider of Accounts Receivable outsourcing to more than 1,400 of the nation’s most prominent health systems, hospitals, physicians, and insurance companies.

Certus wanted to penetrate the C-suite of hospital administrators nationwide in order to introduce their new service. However, with a list of 7,200 potential contacts, and a total in-house sales force of four Business Development Directors, Certus lacked the capacity needed to reach their targets.


After reviewing industry trends, problems, and competition, CRI accompanied a Certus Business Development Director on a new business appointment in order to learn, first hand, the complexities and demands of a Certus Sales Pitch. CRI then devised a regional strategy to target hospital systems. A number of meetings were set up in quick succession.

Over a period of 6 months, CRI scheduled 25 appointments, most notably with large institutions such as Vanguard Health Systems, the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Universal Health Services, and UC San Francisco. The campaign was so successful, Certus expanded their contract with CRI to head up their Government Reimbursement Services Division.

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