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“They wanted to expand into larger markets…”


Great Forest, Inc is the premier waste management consultant in the greater New York City area, specializing in helping local firms set up recycling and environmental programs in addition to reducing needless waste costs.

Although Great Forest dominated the local market, it had been unable to extend its reach into national markets. They needed to be introduced to the environmental decision makers at national corporations in addition to multiple location franchises.


CRI was hired to execute a marketing strategy that would open what were considered to be previously closed doors. A targeted mailing was sent to over 600 companies, and CRI succeeded in scheduling meetings with decision makers at institutions as widely varied as Xerox, Texaco, Toys ‘R Us, Duracell, Coca-Cola, and the Frick Museum.

Between 1998 and 2000, more than 400 meetings were scheduled for Great Forest executives. Over 80 formal contracts were negotiated. To date, 19 have closed.

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