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“They wanted to expand into larger markets…”


Ovid Technologies is the leading provider of biomedical research information to corporate, medical, and academic institutions around the world. Their user-friendly interface has garnered widespread praise for its unique features as well as its ability to facilitate information retrieval for both the lay and professional researcher.

Ovid wanted to wrap their various databases into a single discounted package targeted at Biotech companies in all 50 states. They needed to meet the decision makers responsible for purchasing information resources for the Biotech industry–often, the companies’ owners themselves.


CRI was hired to pave the way for Ovid’s Sales Reps in California, New Jersey, and Illinois. CRI cleaned and updated Ovid’s prospect list, identifying the appropriate targets and ensuring accuracy and relevancy. Ovid then made a product offering to 138 biotech companies in all three regions. Two CRI executives followed-up, confirming product interest and willingness to meet.

Over 150 meetings were scheduled in 2001, at which point the campaign was expanded nationally.

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