case studies | New Generation Biofuels

“They wanted to introduce potential clients to innovative ‘green’ technologies…”


New Generation Biofuels (NGB) is an energy start-up that provides a precision blended biofuel product made from any number of new or recycled vegetable oil or animal fat feedstock’s without using a complicated chemical reaction and without producing hazardous nitrogen or sulfur by-products.

NGB has run extensive testing on their product but needed help to determine who to target as well as reaching their target market with a succinct message that focused on energy savings and environmental impact.


In just a short period of time and working through a series of several hundred key energy contacts, CRI cultivated relationships and helped build the much-needed trust that NGB now receives. Although all prior testing and environmental impacts exceeded governmental regulations and guidelines, NGB relied on CRI to help gain traction with their targets, leading to many appointments and eventual engagements.

NGB has had more than 100 qualified appointments within the first nine months of their ongoing campaign. CRI has been instrumental in refining NGB’s target universe and helping them develop their messaging. In addition, CRI has been actively involved in helping them secure their first paying clients with companies like Delta Chemical, Johnson & Johnson, Taunton State Hospital and First Florida Biofuels, to mention but a few.

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