list development

The success of your campaign depends absolutely on the quality of your list. We create, clean, and clarify your contact list, ensuring every single entry is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.


We verify the company name, phone number, address, and make sure the company is still in business. We then find out, utilizing our past experience, who is the best first contact for you at that company. DirectHitTM generates a nearly 100% accurate list.

Furthermore, DirectHitTM can also, for an additional service fee, develop an entirely new list for you. DirectHitTM can even contract for you a list or lists obtained from any number of specialized third party sources—and of course, as with all others, CR will clean and clarify all of these lists as well.

marketing material review

While our experienced staff will make the calls to people you need to reach, we can help you further increase the chances of a sale by reviewing your sales materials in advance and recommending specific improvements. Included in these services are:

  • Reviewing marketing materials that either stand alone or accompany the initial letter sent out by Corporate Rain.
  • Assisting you in clarifying your message and defining client benefits.
  • Developing high impact support materials that are requested after the first call.
  • Reviewing identity materials to ensure your specific message and overall impression are consistent with your stated sales goals.

Any or all of the above are available to our clients and are provided by professionals who are experienced in writing precise, inspiring copy—copy that sells your product or service.

additional campaign services

mailing service

As a service to clients with limited administrative staff, CR offers comprehensive mailing services. From our New York headquarters, we can mail merged letters from your approved databases and laser print all materials on your company’s letterhead and envelopes.

print ready letter preparation

For clients with limited word processing expertise, CR will format and create merged letter and envelope documents. The client will only need to print, sign, stuff, seal and stamp the letters.

data entry

Corporate Rain offers clients a data entry service for lists of prospects that are either in hard copy or another form that is not compatible with our databases.