sales campaigns

  1. we ask you serious questions
  2. we target your prospects
  3. we become your company’s voice
  4. we discuss your ROI with authority
  5. we get your foot in the door
  6. we open the door
  7. we follow up

we ask you serious questions

We ask you penetrating questions about your company that may make you re-think, re-strategize… And if we can understand the answers to these questions, we can help you identify future revenue streams. And then help you go get them. If you want fast market awareness, we can give you fast, accurate market information: which types of companies are interested in your products or services, which aren’t, and why. We can then prep your staff accordingly.

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we target your prospects

A sales campaign begins with a list of targeted prospects (either from your own files, or a list developed by our DirectHit department). We then clean the list by utilizing a proprietary process called DirectHit—ensuring the contact info is up-to-date and on-target.

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we become your company’s voice

CR assigns you one Campaign Manager and at least two Executive Sales Associates from our staff. We ensure that the first impression the target has of your company is everything you want it to be and more by arranging an extensive on-site or virtual training session. Allowing us to approach potential leads as if we have been working with you for years.

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we discuss your ROI with authority

CR discusses monetary specifics and ROI with potential clients.  We are comfortable with preliminary discussions of quantification, financials, and strategic points of pain.

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we get your foot in the door

After DirectHit has been executed, targeted prospects are then mailed a one-page introductory pitch letter describing your company’s services. Chances are the letter will be glanced at briefly and then tossed. This is absolutely OK. Because at this point in the process, all we’re hoping to do for you is create the glimmer of an impression in the target’s mind—a glimmer which, when we follow up with our phone call soon after, will bring up an “Ah hah! Yes! I remember them from before…” response.

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we open the door

Your new turnkey sales staff has been trained and the introductory letters have been mailed–at which point we then begin our calling campaign on your behalf. We place calls as if we were your internal sales staff. We call, and we call. We call until—

  • The meeting you want is scheduled (at which point we give you all the relevant information you need—time of meeting, date, attendee information, attendee items of interest, needs, etc—and you take it from there)
  • The prospect is eliminated from the list (or saved for a pitch at a later date)

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we follow up

At the end of each month, CR delivers to you a Status Report detailing a bird’s-eye view of your campaign’s overall trends, as well as a snapshot of every original and referred target in your newly-developed database. We then initiate a monthly brainstorming session with you to review any market trends we may have identified, as wel l as to highlight any upcoming business opportunities. This is also the time during which you can discuss with us how your meetings went, which ones you closed, and or any new developments or successes in the industry.

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