trade show campaigns

Our b2b  sales and marketing approach can ensure from 8 to 25 appointments per show, per attendance day. Your dedicated CR team will manage your schedule to maximize your time and money spent at the trade show. In addition, appointments can be managed for pre-show and post-show meetings in the city or region of the trade show.

Once you have made contact with your new prospects, timely follow-up becomes essential. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research ( says,

“Up to 80% of leads gathered at a trade show are not followed up.”

—and thus, 80% of your company’s investment is wasted as a result.

our process

CR’s pre-show calling campaigns can make the difference between connecting with or missing a valuable prospect.

  1. We dedicate a team to your business.
  2. We qualify the leads.
  3. We establish there is interest in your offering.
  4. We set up meaningful, 15-minute introductions
    that will build a foundation for future sales.

after the trade show

At the end of any show you will doubtless have thousands and thousands of leads. We dedicate the same team that handled your pre-show campaign, making for a smooth transition from pre to post show.

According to the AMA,

The trade show exhibitor has only 10 days to make contact with the lead in order to make an impact. After 10 days, the lead will most likely not be remembered–and the lead goes flat.

CR’s DirectHit™ will clean thousands of prospects into a set of prioritized leads that will be converted to actionable meetings by our dedicated Executive Sales Associate’s utilizing CR’s unique approach.

reserve your campaign today

Book early, as CR offers a very limited number of campaigns per trade show.