10 Practical Ways To Make 5000 Monthly

Are you trying to save money but still having trouble reaching your financial goals?

This article shows you how to make 5000 USD a month. 

Who wouldn’t want that?

You’ve probably read all the articles on how to save money. 

Maybe you’ve cut out your cable and stopped buying coffee.

But saving money isn’t always enough. 

That’s why we should have our own personal finance rules.

If you want to make real progress, it’s time to think about making extra cash.

How To Make 5000 A Month

Realistic Ways On How To Make 5000 A Month 

As daunting as it may seem, it is possible to make $5000 quickly.

We usually consider a year, but you don’t need that long. 

A few extra hours a week can get you there in less than 12 months.

You can even do it faster if you put in more time.

Before you start, here’s a tip:

  • Don’t try to do too much.
  • Focus on what works best for you and your current routine.
  • Remember that the figures shown here are before taxes.

Launch A Blog Or A Content Site

If you want to earn from blogging, get people to read your material.

Advertising and affiliate programs are great ways to do this. 

It’s not always best to blog about your interests, though.

If your passion is flesh-eating bugs, not many people will be interested. 

That means no visits and no income.

To succeed, you must find a specialty with a large audience. 

Some blog courses help you pick a niche, set up a blog, and monetize it.

You don’t have to be an expert, either. 

Many bloggers make money without qualifications.

You won’t be the first to write about something, as millions of blogs exist. 

But you can put your little spin on things and get your content seen.

If you can do that, you’ll be successful.

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Freelance With FlexJobs And Amazon

Doing something like taking pictures or picking up strangers in your car may not be your tea.

A work-at-home job might be a better fit if you don’t like small talk. 

Flexjobs is an excellent source to find remote jobs. ‘

You can make anywhere from $8-$20 per hour, but the average is usually around $9-$15.

Amazon is a fantastic place to look for home agent positions, and they’ve recently raised their pay to $15 per hour.

Use Your Phone To Snap And Sell Photos

Are you a photographer?

If so, this is excellent news! 

People are always looking for good places to buy stock photos, and you can sell them.

Many apps let you turn the photos on your phone into money. 

Shutterstock is one of them. It’s simple to use – upload high-quality images and videos. 

Every time someone downloads your content, you make money.

Plus, Shutterstock has a contributor app. 

You can upload and submit photos from your phone and track your earnings while you’re out and about.

Offer Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the process of checking texts for errors before they are released.

You’ll look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and layout mistakes. 

This could be for bloggers, newspapers, magazines, or publishing houses.

A bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary, but English or journalism training can be helpful. 

It’s a great opportunity as it’s easy to do with a sharp eye for detail.

Don’t know where to start? 

Taking classes increases your chances of success by 90% compared to self-teaching.

Tools like Grammarly can also make proofreading faster and easier.

Sell Customized Products

Customized goods are in high demand.

From mugs and keychains to jewelry and stationary, to even t-shirts, hoodies, and headwear, there are many opportunities to design your products. 

Platforms like Printify make manufacturing and shipping your products easy and even link with other platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and eBay.

With the right design and marketing skills, you can make over $5000 a month in this business.

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Take Up Odd Jobs

Are you scouring for a way to make some extra cash?

TaskRabbit has a variety of odd jobs in your area. 

You can get paid hourly, from housecleaning to errand running.

Plus, IKEA has partnered with TaskRabbit to help you hire someone to build furniture and mount fixtures. 

It’s hard to say precisely how much you can make, but it depends on the type of job and how much you charge.

Impart Your Knowledge To Others

Want to make some extra money?

Why not pass on the knowledge and talents you have? 

You can teach people in many ways, such as:

  • Writing blogs
  • Tutoring
  • Managing an educational website
  • Selling eBooks
  • Hosting online courses
  • Producing video tutorials
  • Holding webinars and lectures

Preply and Udemy are two platforms where you can sell tutoring services and design online classes.

Do remember that you don’t have to try all of these options. 

Just pick the one that best suits you.

Building a website isn’t for everyone; it will take a ton of effort before you start seeing financial returns. 

However, teachers can earn up to $150 per student, tutors can earn up to $50 per hour, and bloggers can make a full-time income.

It usually takes a few years and a lot of unpaid labor upfront.

Work As An Amazon Associate

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate network, where you can earn commissions by introducing people to Amazon products.

For example, you could run a supplement review website with an affiliate connection to a supplement sold on Amazon. 

If someone reads your review, clicks the link, and buys the supplement, you’ll get a commission based on the item’s price.

You’ll still get paid even if the person doesn’t buy the product. 

You can market your Amazon links in various ways to increase your commissions.

Standard methods are through a blog or a niche site. 

A blog is more general and conversational, while a niche site is focused on answering people’s questions about a single issue. 

The differences between niche sites and blogs are becoming less distinct as they provide information about products or services people seek.

Drive Folks Around

Do you own a car?

If so, you could use it to make money. 

Ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber let you turn your car into an income-producing asset.

This could be a great way to make money if you don’t mind having strangers in your car. 

Alternatively, you could deliver orders with DoorDash.

You could also advertise your car and get paid with platforms like Wrapify.

Be a Facebook Online Marketer

Be a Facebook Online Marketer

Facebook marketers help businesses take advantage of the platform to attract new customers.

With almost 3 billion users, it’s easy to see why Facebook marketing is so powerful. 

Ads are the most common way to market, but they can be expensive and hard to maximize without the proper knowledge.

That’s where Facebook marketers come in. 

You’ll use your ad skills to their fullest potential to promote your client’s products or services.

You must understand how to create campaigns and target the right people. 

You can learn Facebook marketing independently or use the many resources available.

Imagine having a client who builds websites but doesn’t have time to market. 

He pays you a flat rate or commission to do it for him.

Let’s say he pays you 10%. 

You bring in 15 customers who each pay $1000 for a website, making him $15,000 (minus expenses) and you $1500.

It’s easy to see how profitable this can be.

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Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to make 5000 a month from home.

Starting a home-based business is a great, secure way to make this kind of money. 

Treat it like a business from the start.

Successful companies grow by scaling up, meaning you can expand and keep growing without too much extra cost. 

Blogging, niche sites, and online courses can all be scaled up easily.

If you can do this, you’re on your way to earning 5000 dollars a month. 

You may even make more.

You just have to be creative and confident. 

Don’t give up if it seems too hard. Try a different approach. 

Good luck!

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