How to Start a Successful Indoor Mini Golf Business

As the most current emerging venture, start an indoor miniature golf business.

Most business owners and golf freaks like it because it is a recreational business with low initial costs.

With that in mind, let us tell you how to start an indoor mini-golf business step by step.

Indoor Mini-Golf Equipment.

Benefits of an Indoor Miniature Golf Business

If you are wondering how you will benefit when you start your indoor miniature golf business, scroll ahead and explore the five main benefits.

It does not get outdated.

Mini golf is a timeless activity and has stayed popular over the years, unlike many other recreational activities. 

Mini-golf will always be popular, regardless of the season or weather.

Plus, you don’t need to be a golf expert to start an indoor miniature golf business. 

Even one not-so-good experience playing golf (like mine!) won’t hold you back.

Creative Activity

Do you know miniature golf is a creative process? Yes, it is!

As a golf business owner, you can bring all your creative ideas to the table. 

You can also design the golf course based on your budget and preferences.

Reasonable Starting Expenses 

Most businesses need you to spend more money.

But a mini golf business, irrespective of its long-lasting benefits, does not disappoint with its low starting expenses. 

So the low expenses come out to be the next benefit of the miniature golf business.

A Profitable Business

Your miniature golf course can lead you to good levels of economic growth. 

Let’s clarify it by going quickly through the below benefits.

  • Many golf freaks are attracted to golf without any age limitations. 
  • You don’t need to spend more on maintaining the course or buying expensive tools. 
  • The miniature golf venture requires less staff than other large businesses.

From the above benefits, you can easily understand how profitable your miniature golf business can be.


When you start a mini-golf course in a neighborhood, your business can grow along with the population and demand in the area. 

As a business owner, you can choose your employees and create a business plan that works for you.

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Steps to Start an Indoor Miniature Golf Business

A proper business must follow your country’s law, and every legal procedure requires a well-established set of steps. 

Therefore, I am here to help you by providing the best steps to start an indoor miniature golf business.

Planning Process

Before starting an indoor miniature golf business, the first and most important thing to do is to plan everything. 

Accordingly, you should make a clear map of your desired goals and the details of your business.

However, you may come across the following questions at this planning stage:

How much does starting an indoor miniature golf business cost?

The exact price range can vary according to your location. 

However, the average estimated cost range for starting a mini indoor golf business is $50,000 to $500,000.

Similarly, the land lease would probably require an extra $15,000–$30,000. 

In comparison, the necessary land modifications would cost between $100,000 and $140,000, with decorations costing around $200,000

However, the fundamental apparatus requires about $8,001–10,000 and $7,500 to install the POS system. 

Aside from these, your architectural requirements will cost between $75 and $15,000. 

Insurance will cost $2,000-$4,000, and legal fees will cost $4,000

The stock balls and prizes will require a budget of $15,000. 

Consequently, you need about $12,000 to broadcast your play openings and about $900 to order attractive signs.

How much are the ongoing costs of an indoor miniature golf business?

It may make you happy that the ongoing expenses of an indoor miniature golf business don’t cost you much compared to the startup costs.

Accordingly, you need up to $6,000 to pay your employees’ salaries besides the other workers. 

In contrast, the property rent can cost you about $6,000, along with the business insurance for $500.

Besides these expenses, the utilities can cost you about $1500 per month. 

Meanwhile, the new equipment requires approximately $400 per month.

Who will be your intended audience?

Keeping it short, families are your targeted audience. 

They can spend more money compared to a few people’s groups.

This audience has the potential to become a long-term audience if they return with their children. 

How can an owner of an indoor miniature golf course earn money from it? 

Well, it is quite easy. As the owner, you can profit by allowing others to play on your golf course. 

However, you can also earn by arranging some fun-making stalls, etc.

How much do the golf customers expect to pay you?

The exact price range varies greatly according to your location and other pricing parameters. 

Customers, on average, expect to pay $5-7 for a round of 18 holes.

How much can you earn from the miniature golf business?

Again, the costs completely depend on your locality and the customers. 

But with a steady flow of customers, you can expect to make about $100,000 per year.

How can you increase the profitability of your business?

Making your availability in populated areas such as schools, entertainment centers, churches, and so on, especially on off days, is a common and simple way to make your business profitable.

Meanwhile, showing the reviews of your customers can be another way to boost your golf business.

How do you name your business?

It is crucial to decide on the name before jumping into the business. 

So if you haven’t decided on a name yet, you can get naming ideas from some name generators.

However, I would like you to check out the following things before registering an official name for your business:

  • Trademark data from the federal and state governments.
  • Business records from your state.
  • Web domain availability.
  • Social media handles availability.

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Officially Register Your Mini Indoor Golf Business

No matter what business you are starting, you have to legally register it for its best legal sustenance.

Every state and nation has a different legal framework for establishing corporations.

However, in the US, sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC) are a few common business formats.  

Acquire Your Permits and Licenses

You have to secure your permits and licenses for operating your golf business.

The overall legal procedures vary according to your state. 

But the most common requirement to run a mini golf business is to get a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the government. 

Suppose you want to operate a mini golf business in the US. 

In that case, you can learn more about the licenses and permits by visiting the website of the US Small Business Administration (SBA).

Once you get the permits to operate an indoor mini-golf business, you have to open a bank account in your name, and that is it.

Know More About the Golf Business

You don’t need any complex tools to start a miniature golf business.

Companies start their businesses after completing one golf course with some maintenance and staff.

It is highly recommended to connect with business owners in another region and learn more about specifics.

Find an Appropriate Venue

The miniature golf business requires a nice location. 

Because the location mostly attracts customers

As a result, you should plan for ample parking and a feasible long opening time.

Meanwhile, you can additionally increase your income by arranging birthday parties. 

Also, offering additional services like beverages, toys, and candy can significantly boost your net income.

Hire Staff

A single person, by himself or herself, cannot handle the entire business, although it is a small one. 

Therefore you should look for capable and articulate personnel like a receptionist, assistant manager, floor staff, security personnel, janitor, cashier, etc.

Hiring the people above is one way to make sure that your golf business runs smoothly.     

Set the right quote for the services.

You should gather information about pricing your services from the existing golf businesses.

It does not have a fixed range. But on average, you can charge about $7–$12 for 18 holes.

Advertise Your Business

The present age is a modern internet age. 

Therefore, the virality of your business depends on and benefits from advertising media like television, radio, a newspaper, or a website. 

But of these choices, a website is the best and least expensive way to promote your business. 

  • Create a website

Here comes the stage where you create a website for your business after establishing it.

You can easily do it yourself or hire an affordable staff.

  • Arrange a phone system.

Set up a separate phone system for your business if you want to help your customers and give them good customer service.

  • Sustaining your customers

You can keep your customers coming back if you let them use your golf course for parties.

Also, offering them additional incentives like prizes for winning games or free side games, etc., would be better.

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The Bottom Line.

An indoor miniature golf business is a recreational yet fruitful endeavor. 

So your little bit of in-depth research and critical thinking capabilities can make you a useful businessperson in the long run. 

To sum up, I hope you find this guide about how to start a miniature golf business packed with knowledge to kick-start your business.

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