Make a Killing Selling Shoes Online – The Top 09 Platforms to Try!

Does buying shoes feel like therapy to you?

Have you ever gone on a shoe-shopping spree?   

You might love shoes so much that you lose track of all your purchases.

Before you know it, shoes are piling up in your closet. 

Or maybe the spark has died, and you’d like to get rid of some of your shoe collection. 

You can quickly turn it into a money-making opportunity, especially if you have collection-worthy pairs.

If you don’t have enough space to set up a garage sale, there are some best places to sell shoes online. 

Most people prefer online transactions because of their convenience so you can use that to your advantage. 

However, the internet can be scary, so this article provides some best places to sell shoes online and earn. 

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Facebook Marketplace 

As Facebook continues to be one of the most famous sites worldwide, its marketplace is pretty reliable. 

The Facebook marketplace is excellent for selling brand-new or pre-loved products.

When you list your items, you can connect with potential buyers through chat and discuss rates and terms. 

The app also doesn’t charge any listing or commission fee, so you get all the profit. 

You can hand your goods to the buyer by meeting up with them or shipping them if the receiver agrees. 

The only downside to this site is that there is no guarantee that everyone you talk to will not scam you.

The marketplace does not offer protection, refunds, or insurance as you and the receiver directly talk. 

So if you have safety issues, it is best to verify the buyer and ensure they will not harm you during the meet-up. 

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GOAT is an excellent platform to buy shoes online because they ensure the authenticity of every pair. 

You only need to submit an application and wait for approval if you are a seller. 

You will provide GOAT with the SKU number of your shoes, which you can find in the shoe box or the shoe label. 

Once they verify its authenticity, you can list your items online so people can see them. 

You must take photos of the shoes, put a price on them, and declare the item’s actual condition. 

When you have a confirmed buyer, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label and payment through PayPal or deposit. 

However, depending on where you are from, you have to pay a seller fee on top of the commission fee when you sell a pair. 


Grailed is a famous online marketplace for buying and selling anything related to men’s fashion, like clothes and shoes. 

Please note that Grailed only accepts shoes in decent condition, so double-check your item to see if they are in good condition. 

To use Grailed, you need to create a profile and link it to your PayPal account, where you’ll receive payments. 

Once you set up your profile, you can upload photos of your shoes and provide an honest description. 

Then, you can accept any offers from the platform and sell your item to the first person who will pay. 

Once the payment comes through, Grailed will charge a 6% commission before making the final payment in your PayPal. 

Remember to add the shipping fee to the price because it is part of the fees. 


If there’s Grailed for men, there’s Heroine for women’s clothing.

The process is similar to Grailed; you create and connect an account to your PayPal.

It also has commission fees similar to Grailed, and you can use your Grailed account to log in to Heroine. 

If you have luxury shoes, sandals, heels, and other footwear, Heroine is a good place to find a buyer. 


Poshmark is an e-commerce platform focusing on buying and selling clothes, home decor, and electronics. 

It is available in the mobile app, so you can easily list your shoes and transact through your phone.

When you get a buyer, Poshmark will send a prepaid shipping label while you prepare the item for shipping. 

Your payment will come through three days after the buyer receives the shoes by check or bank deposit. 


You can always go with Mercari if you want to sell anything secondhand, from shoes to electronics.

Since this platform specializes in collectible items, you can sell your limited-edition shoes at a reasonable price. 

To use Mercari, you only need to sign up through their app and list your items for free. 

It can help to add actual pictures of your goods and write an accurate description to let buyers manage their expectations. 

Meanwhile, you can set the pricing based on your judgment, but the rarer the item, the higher you can price it. 

Once a buyer takes your item, you can ship the item yourself or request a prepaid shipping label. 

It takes up to three days after receiving the item for the buyer to leave a review before you get the payment. 

Once they submit a review, Mercari will transfer the payment immediately through direct deposit. 

Mercari will automatically send the money with a minimum fee if the buyer doesn’t write a review in three days. 

A Man Putting Finishing touches On A Package.


StockX is another famous and legit platform to sell and buy sneakers, but it works differently from other platforms. 

While you can easily list your shoes for sale, you can also put them up for bidding, especially if it is one-of-a-kind. 

Most shoe sizes you’ll find here have different pricing because some buyers bid to get a particular pair.

StockX is famous not only for this auction feature but also for its authentication process before shipping. 

So if you’re a buyer, you can be confident that you’re getting the real deal.

As a seller, you must prepare for the fees you must pay when you sell a pair. 

StockX will charge 9.5% for first-time StockX sellers and another 8.5% for each sale if you sell $10,000 worth of items. 

There is also a 3% processing fee for the payment you can receive in your PayPal or bank account. 


While the name suggests that it is a platform for buying and selling heels, you can find different footwear in buyMyheels.

But you cannot sell just any shoes here because they only accept designer brands in their listings.

So if you have Prada, Isabel Marant, Fendi, and other luxury shoes you want to sell, BuyMyHeels is the perfect platform. 

Your potential buyer can be from anywhere worldwide, and they do not charge you a commission fee.

All you need are designer brand shoes, pay their listing fee, and sell your products to a global audience. 


VarageSale is a virtual garage where you can sell pre-owned goods anywhere in the US and some parts of Canada. 

Before listing your items, you need a Facebook account to connect to their platform.

VarageSale verifies their user’s identity, so you should wait for their permission before using your account. 

They do it to ensure that you are transacting with a natural person, whether you are the buyer or seller. 

Since there are no fees, you keep all of the money you make, and the transaction is just between you and the buyer. 

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Final Thoughts on the Best Places To Sell Shoes Online

Your once-loved pairs of shoes don’t have to go to waste because other people will want them. 

You can find the best places to sell shoes online and make a neat profit.

There might have been a time when you loved having specific pairs in your collection, but they might not fit your current style, or you need to declutter. 

Offloading your collection should be easy now that you know the platforms to find new owners for the shoes you don’t want anymore. 

Goodbye, old shoes, and hello, new income stream!

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