15 Unique Business Ideas To Profit From In 2023

You may not believe it, but there are some really strange businesses out there that are actually quite profitable.

Some of these unique business ideas will make you think twice, while others will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of them first.

These company ideas vary from dealing with head lice to odd things with roadkill, but they all have one thing in common: they all make money. 

Even in a weak economy, some businesses can still succeed.

The reason why these unusual company concepts are so successful is that they have identified an underserved market. 

So, if you’re looking for inspiration to create your niche market, these original ideas should help you out.

Different Kinds of Unique Business Ideas

A Man Coming Up With Unique Business Ideas.

Head Lice Removal

Children have a possibility of having head lice.

Fortunately, some companies specialize in head lice and nit removal. 

The “Lice Place” is one of the most popular, and they have franchises in Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama.

If you search online, you will find many other companies, such as Lice Squad, which has franchises all over Canada.

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Broken Doll Repairs

Do you have a beloved doll that needs some repair?

If so, you may want to consider taking it to a doll hospital. 

These establishments have been around since 1830, with the first one opening in Lisbon, Portugal.

If your doll needs new parts or a costume reconditioned, a professional at a doll hospital can help. 

The Berkley Doll Hospital in Berkley, Michigan, is one such place that is still in operation.

If you have a passion for dolls and are skilled at repairing them, this could be a great business opportunity for you.

Creating Steel Art

It’s worth looking at NatureMaker’s artificial tree sculptures to appreciate them.

They make steel art trees that are works of art. 

These sculptures can be found in various locations, such as hotels, casinos, shops, museums, libraries, zoos, commercial structures, theme parks, and luxury residences. 

Prices start at $10,000, and the pieces are one-of-a-kind.

The photo here isn’t of a steel tree, but it does show how fake trees can be used in wildlife exhibitions. 

Renting Out Livestock 

More and more people are opting to keep chickens in their urban homes.

After all, what’s not to love about having a pet that can also provide breakfast? 

However, raising hens has a few drawbacks, such as the cost of food, noise, and the mess they can create.

Some businesses even offer a rent-to-own option, allowing renters to adopt their hens after a certain period of time. 

Believe it or not, some people need to rent animals for various reasons.

This could be for marketing purposes, like film shoots and commercials, or to help in the garden, like a sheep that can naturally fertilize the soil. 

And yes, people can rent a variety of animals for a profit, including goats, cats, dogs, cows, and other livestock.

Store Dressing Rentals 

Have you ever wondered where those mannequins in retail store windows come from?

Well, they are made in a mannequin factory. 

But there is an increasing demand for second-hand mannequins.

Mannequin Madness, located in California, has been acknowledged by the Environmental Protection Agency for its attempts to recycle mannequins. 

This company rents and sells mannequins used by Macy’s, Sears, and Nike.

Additionally, they provide new mannequins and mannequin-related items such as mannequin leg lights. 

How peculiar!

Animal Cafes 

It is well known that spending time with animals can be very calming.

If you don’t have any pets of your own, you can visit a business that has them. 

Cat cafés, which let people drink tea while petting cats, have been popular in Taiwan and Japan for a long time.

Some of them even require reservations. 

The Calico Cat Café in Tokyo even has a website that is dedicated to its cats.

In 2014, Le Café des Chats in Montreal became the first cat café in North America. 

Then, the Cat Town Café in Oakland, California, was the first in the United States.

Now, cat cafés can be found all over North America.

Craft Brewing 

It’s true – you heard it right.

BrewDog makes it clear on its website that its beers are anything but ordinary or typical. 

Their ‘End of History’ beer is a 55-proof alcohol-by-volume beverage created by James Watt and Martin Dickie, and it’s served in bottles wrapped with taxidermied roadkill. 

It’s even more potent than whiskey and vodka, and the second edition in 2017 was sold for an eye-watering $20,000 per bottle.

Live Grass Mowing 

It’s no secret that Google is a big fan of mowing goats.

They use a herd of around 200 goats to keep the grounds of their California headquarters neat and tidy. 

But they’re not the only ones who have taken advantage of this unique service.

Mowing goats are much more eco-friendly than using a weed whacker and pesticides to take care of weeds and long grass. 

Unfortunately, residential mowing services can’t be replaced by goats.

According to Gary Pfalzbot of Goatworld.com, goats don’t do a great job mowing lawns, but they’re great for weed and brush control. 

This could be a valuable service to offer to larger companies in your area.

Concept Restaurants 

Making a few small changes can significantly impact a restaurant, bar, or cafe, making it stand out from the rest.

Dressing staff in costumes such as characters from movies, warriors, clowns, or historical figures can give the place a unique atmosphere. 

Hiring unusually tall or short staff could also be interesting, making customers feel like they are in a storybook.

Plant Hotels 

Many people view their plants as just as important as their pets, and when they go away on vacation, they may not have someone to look after them.

A plant hotel could be an excellent solution for those who must leave their plants behind for a while. 

There are already a few of these hotels in existence, so people can find one that meets their needs.

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Mobile Spas

People living in big cities often need to take a break and experience something new. 

Providing them with a massage in a spa truck at different locations could be a great way to give them a chance to relax and stimulate their senses.

Mosaic Laying Services 

Mosaics have long been seen as a sign of luxury and a beautiful way to decorate the inside of buildings. 

This type of decoration is still popular today, with mosaics being used to adorn the interiors of homes, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, stores, and cafes.

Selling Special Dirt 

Man Reading The Latest Issue Of The Business Newpaper.

In the 21st century, migration is a common occurrence.

People who move away from their homeland often miss the culture and products of their native country. 

One of the things that many people associate with their homeland is land from that nation.

This land can be used in many ways, such as sprinkling it over a coffin or placing it beneath the foundation of a new home. 

The Original Irish Dirt company has become well-known among the Irish, showing that this type of business can be successful.

Graffiti Cleaning Services

Graffiti on walls is a common sight in big cities.

Because services for removing it are not widely available, those that do offer it are likely to be very successful.

Making Food Sculptures

Food sculptures can be a great way to decorate for any occasion.

They come in many different forms, from chocolate and watermelon to cheese and more. 

These eye-catching creations are sure to be a hit at any event, whether it’s a formal gathering or a large celebration.

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Final Thoughts 

Coming up with successful business ideas seen as unusual, unique, or even strange may not be as complex as you think.

There are opportunities out there, but many people have difficulty recognizing them. 

Being able to spot, take advantage of, and even create chances is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest.

And now that you know about a few ideas, you’ll be able to do the same.

Good luck!

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