Working Remotely with Amazon: The Best Jobs Available

As societies readjust to the new normal, remote working is rapidly becoming the norm.

The world’s largest company, Amazon, is at the forefront of this shift. 

With more than a million workers and tens of thousands of available positions for remote workers.

To those in search of remote work, Amazon provides several options. 

This post will provide an overview of the available Amazon work from home jobs and positions and advice on securing the job of your dreams.

Amazon Work From Home Jobs

Possibility of Being an Online Employee For Amazon

It is possible to work remotely for Amazon. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, these positions were mainly limited to customer service roles.

As a result of the epidemic’s devastating effects, however, the number of remote employment postings has increased dramatically.

During this slow time, Amazon’s services are more important than ever, so it was smart for the company to hire more people.

Additionally, remote work has been encouraged as a way to ensure the safety of employees.

In order to prevent any mistakes, Amazon has established a policy that allows its corporate and white-collar employees to work remotely. 

This is because many of the jobs at Amazon that involve logistics, customer service, and software development can be done from home, eliminating the need to go to an office and risk one’s health.

Work From Home Opportunities At Amazon

Cautious individuals have avoided going out, so how have they obtained their supplies?

The answer is simple: they shop online. 

This has caused Amazon’s sales to skyrocket, with the second quarter of last year seeing a 40% increase in net sales, reaching almost $89 billion.

To meet this sudden demand, Amazon has been hiring more remote workers.

Recently, the company announced its plans to hire an additional 33,000 work-from-home employees, with an average compensation package of $150,000.

Amazon is one of the top 30 major US companies looking to hire more remote employees.

This is fantastic news for individuals who want to take control of their financial freedom. 

Working for Amazon may be the right choice for you if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You’re looking for a part-time job. 
  • You lost your work due to the epidemic and were consequently laid off.
  • You’re having a hard time finding employment. 
  • You want a more flexible work schedule. 
  • You need to work remotely and still be able to take care of your family. 

Amazon offers a range of remote jobs that can allow anyone to start earning money from the comfort of their home.

As a result, this is an excellent opportunity for working mothers to supplement their incomes while still caring for their families.

If you are interested in applying for one of these Amazon work-from-home jobs, this article will provide information on available positions.

Amazon’s Range of Remote Work

Amazon is currently offering a vast selection of job opportunities.

As previously mentioned, there are 33,000 remote work positions available.

These jobs can be categorized as follows:

  • Customer service 
  • Advertising 
  • Fulfillment 
  • Logistics 
  • Account Management
  • Merchant Development 
  • Management 
  • Operations 
  • Sales 
  • Online Data Entry 
  • Solutions Architecture 
  • Software Development 

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Amazon’s Work-From-Home Jobs and Their Tasks

Those who are hired by Amazon to work from home may be asked to do a variety of tasks.

These tasks could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Listen to customers and address their problems.
  • Create customer-centric programs and manage products 
  • Design and develop new self-service technologies 
  • Prevent and solve problems for customers who use the main website, apps, and devices like Echo and Kindle. 
  • Build new CRM systems and solutions. 
  • Identify common customer difficulties and find ways to improve upon them. 
  • Engage with customers directly. 
  • Assist customers with damaged items, returns, refunds, late deliveries, and more. 

Amazon may hire more people because it can meet many of its needs digitally.

There will likely be opportunities in the future that could be a good fit.

The Wage of Amazon Remote Employees

It has been reported that the average salary at Amazon is $102,632 per year, with a minimum wage of $15 per hour.

It is important to note that many remote positions at Amazon may offer salaries that exceed the average. 

Salaries for Amazon employees depend on various factors, such as the individual’s experience, work quality, and seniority.

To better understand the salaries offered at Amazon, the following are the average annual salaries for various roles within the company.

  • Principal Product Manager – $155,700
  • Digital Marketer – $120,000
  • Senior Network Engineer – $132,400
  • Finance Manager – $132,649
  • Product Marketing Manager – $113,855
  • Network Engineer – $96,750
  • Software Development Engineer – $119,540
  • Systems Administrator – $112,453
  • IT Support – $80,740
  • Customer Service Manager – $68,735
  • Controls Engineer – $72,000
  • GIS Analyst – $61,823
  • Liaison – $62,500
  • Support Specialist – $61,000
  • Area Operations Manager – $61,805
  • Account Resolution Specialist – $29,415
  • Operation Technician – $56,912
  • Dispatcher – $37,274
  • Delivery Coordinator – $52,808 
  • Customer Service Representative – $30,720
  • Warehouse Associate – $29,870

Applying For Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs 

Applying For Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs

It is suggested that people start their job search by going to the Amazon MotherWorks portal.

Additionally, they can search for remote job positions on Amazon’s main website by customizing their search. 

To do this, they should click on the Jobs tab and then select Remote Career Opportunities.

Amazon’s Hiring Process

The application process for Amazon varies depending on the position being applied for.

Generally, the process takes between one and three weeks. 

Hourly Employees

For hourly employees, no resume is required, and the process involves applying online, taking a 30-minute virtual job preview, being interviewed, providing I-9 identification, and attending an online orientation. 

Entry-level Employees

Entry-level employees must also apply online, take an online assessment, be interviewed, provide I-9 identification, and attend an online orientation. 

Senior-level employees

Senior-level employees may have to wait up to eight weeks to complete the process. Before the pandemic, in-person interviews were required. 

The process includes applying online, taking an online assessment, being interviewed, providing I-9 identification, and attending an online orientation.

It may also involve a second and third interview with upper management. 

Reviews from employees suggest that the hiring process can take anywhere from three days to three months, depending on the number of applications for a certain position and the time of year. 

Once hired, Amazon employees are subject to random drug screenings and an annual medical exam.

Amazon and Background Checks For Applicants

Amazon does require background checks for applicants, which typically take 10-14 days to complete.

This is due to the thorough investigations that are conducted.

Certain aspects of an applicant’s background may disqualify them from being considered for the position they are applying for:

  • Criminal history 
  • Bad employment history 
  • Poor credit 
  • Bad references from former employees 
  • Sex offender data 
  • Failed drug screenings 

Additionally, Amazon also requires drug screenings for both applicants and employees.

These screenings usually occur after an interview or orientation session and after completing criminal background checks. 

Amazon will need the applicant’s social security number and vehicle registration in order to do the background check.

Depending on the position, they may also ask for bankruptcy and medical and military records. 

For certain positions, Amazon may also examine the applicant’s social media presence to ensure that their posts do not negatively affect the company.

Benefits of Working at Amazon

You can expect to receive a range of benefits as an Amazon employee. These include:

  • Paid time off 
  • Employee discounts 
  • Childcare and elderly assistance 
  • Adoption assistance
  • Medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage 
  • Amazon will match your 401K savings plan. 
  • Holiday overtime pay 
  • Restricted stock units 
  • Long parental leave
  • Other resources 

Even part-time employees who meet the 20 hours a week quota are eligible for these benefits.

The organization provides a pleasant workplace and adequate compensation to all its workers.

Amazon’s Career Paths

Amazon offers its employees the opportunity to progress in their careers through its skills courses.

This demonstrates that working for Amazon does not have to be a dead-end job but rather a chance to develop and grow.

The Career Choice Program is another way that the company shows it cares about its employees and their families.

Amazon will cover 95% of tuition fees for those who wish to pursue an associate degree. 

In addition, the company will reimburse 95% of textbook expenses.

The total amount of tuition, textbooks, and miscellaneous fees Amazon can pay in four years is estimated to be around $12,000.

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The Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an abundance of remote work opportunities, particularly with Amazon.

The company has thousands of open positions in various fields, such as customer service, tech, administration, management, HR, advertising, investigation, and legal. 

With these positions coming with top benefits and a healthy company culture, it’s unlikely that Amazon, one of the largest firms in the world, will ever go out of business. 

This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a fulfilling and rewarding remote job.

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