How To Make 500 Dollars Fast in 12 Easy Ways

You may be in a financial emergency that will require you to shell out $500, or you may want extra money.

But is it possible to earn that much in a short time?

The answer is yes, and it is easier than you can imagine.  

Now, if you’re wondering how to make $500 fast, you can save, do tasks online, sell, and more. 

In this post, you’ll learn more about the apps you can try, items to sell, and services to render.

These legit ways can help you make $500 quickly that fits your schedule if you work full-time.

how to make 500 dollars fast

Changing Your Lifestyle

Before making $500, you must change your lifestyle and save to earn fast.

It can be a small detail, but you realize that your bills usually take up most of your expenses and salary.

If you need a quick way to get 500 dollars, the best advice is to start lowering your water and electricity consumption. 

You can also use applications that offer discounts when you pay your bills so you can save more.

Then, use these savings to make $500; the more you do it, the faster you can reach your goal.

Answering Online Surveys

Many sites pay you to answer surveys on your phone and in the comfort of your home. 

Don’t expect too much because you won’t make a hundred dollars in a day, but if you have the dedication, it might be just possible. 

There are different survey sites on the internet right now, and some turn out to be scams, so be careful. 

You don’t want to put your effort to waste, so here are some of the legit, trusted, and high-paying sites you can try:

Survey Junkie

One of the most trusted survey apps is Survey Junkie, which you can easily download for free on your phone. 

Many reputable brands put their surveys on this site, meaning you can make great deals within the app. 

Before you answer a survey, you can already know how much you will earn to keep you motivated. 

You can make at least a dollar for every survey you answer, but if you are fast, you can make over $10 in an hour. 


Swagbucks is another online favorite that pays you reasonable rewards for each survey you answer.

Aside from answering surveys, you can also earn cash by viewing videos and playing games within the app. 

You also get a $10 bonus when you sign up, which can quickly increase when you answer a survey for $2.

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If you enjoy taking surveys, watching clips, and shopping, InboxDollars will make it easier for you to enjoy everything. 

Forget the points system because this site will let you know how much cash you’ll make for every survey. 

Depending on the survey length, you can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $5, but some brands go as high as $20. 

But keep in mind that when you try these apps, it is best to create a separate email to keep your email organized. 

Starting A Niche Blog 

There is a lot of potential in starting a niche blog, which is the ideal way to make $500 fast. 

While starting a blog and creating content is easy, the challenge is making money from it. 

So before you launch your blog, think of a profitable niche that is relevant so you can produce valuable content. 

Once you earn more audience, more people will visit your site, and you can get more traffic. 

When it happens, you can add affiliate links and ad banners on your site to make money which is the usual way a blog earns. 

Collecting $50 from Nielsen App

Nielsen is a company specializing in consumer research by tracking the internet usage of its users. 

When you download their app, you also participate in their research to help identify the trend in apps and sites. 

When you sign up, you can immediately make $50 annually and have a chance to win $10,000 each month.

You don’t have to do much besides using your phone, so the $50 is already an effortless catch.

Investing in Stocks

Investing in Stocks

One of the best passive incomes you can try is to own stocks because it can help you make money over time. 

While some can make you quick money for a short period, the best results happen in the long run. 

You can have better returns with stocks than savings accounts and bonds as long as you hold on to them.

Different apps that let you invest in stocks online follow a crowdsourcing model.

While other investments require you to put in a large sum of money, these sites can let you contribute at least $500.

Earning Shopping Rewards

Shopping is undeniably a guilty pleasure, but what if you can earn rewards and even help you make $500?

Several sites like Rakuten, Ibotta, and Shopkick give you rebates whenever you purchase items and services. 

You can make up to $5 and earn instant cash when you sign up and use these apps. 

Ridesharing or Renting Your Car

If you own a car and have to drive to work daily, you can offer ridesharing services to people near you. 

For example, if your route to work is a drop-off point for some, you can drive them for a fee. 

It is an efficient way to use your car while earning on the side, which can help you make $500 faster.

But if you seldom use your car, you can also let people rent your car for a fee so you can make money passively. 

Some apps online act like your middleman and find people who need transportation by renting cars. 

Most apps ensure that your renters are responsible drivers and protect them from physical damage.

By listing your car, you can make over $500 monthly and more if you have good reviews and feedback. 

Launching a Podcast Show

Podcasts are a convenient way to consume content without watching the screen, so you can multitask while entertained. 

With more people tuning in to podcast shows, it is a lucrative way to earn money while learning from people. 

This money-making method is perfect for people who love talking, interacting, and exchanging advice with others. 

While you build your audience, you can use it as an opportunity to do sponsorships and affiliate advertisements. 

You can earn at least $250 for a short advertisement within your podcast as long as you have good engagement. 


Dropshipping is easy to earn $500 without investing money you are not sure will profit. 

It is a risk-free way of selling products where you connect the buyer to the seller when transacting with your store. 

Customers will pay you for the product, and you will transact with the seller that will ship the product. 

You will be the middleman who will take care of the incoming orders while the seller carries the inventory. 

Offering Your Skills

Do you have enough time and unique skills like cleaning, designing, and babysitting?

Then use them to make 500 dollars quickly as more people find skilled individuals to render their services. 

For example, you can mow your neighbor’s lawn and babysit their toddlers or pets while they are away. 

Most of these tasks don’t require licenses or permits, so you can even start now to offer your skills. 

If you have a community page or friends to vouch for you, you can reach more potential clients to avail of your services. 

Flipping Items 

Flipping means buying an item for a low price and selling it for a higher price after cleaning or repairing it. 

It is a great way to make money because only some have the patience to rummage through thrift and old items. 

But if you are lucky and find a rare item, you can sell it online, like on Facebook and Craigslist. 

Renting Out Your Space

Rent is expensive, and even the smallest space is crucial for every household, but you can use it to make money.

If you have a vacant space at home, consider renting it out for clients to store some of their items. 

You can make a free listing online or offer it to your neighbors if they need a place for their boxes, appliances, or more. 

However, it is better to list your rentals through an app that can protect you in case of damage and debt.

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Conclusion: How to Make $500 Fast 

Conclusion How to Make $500 Fast

These are just some creative methods of making money fast if you need $500.

It is impossible to make that much overnight, but give it a few days, and you might have it with the help of these tips. 

Some may work while others may not, so it is essential to try and see what fits you best. 

So good luck trying these legit ways to make $500 fast and turn them into long-term income opportunities. 

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