Ezoic Premium Review: Is It Worth Upgrading Your Account?

Ezoic is well-known for its ability to help publishers monetize websites.

It mainly displays ads on web pages, plus other features. 

It’s widely known that its Ad Tester machine learning tool can increase ad income.

But what does Ezoic Premium include, and is it worth it? 

It’s a subscription-based service lets publishers access ads from higher-paying advertisers, such as big companies.

This leads to higher revenue for content creators. 

Compared to other ad networks, it’s hard to tell what you’re paying for and if it’s worth it.

That’s why you’re here, so let’s take a look.

Holding A Wand Of Dollar Bills.

Ezoic 101

Let’s take a brief look at Ezoic and its services before we go into the specifics of Ezoic Premium.

They offer a website technology platform with many features to help publishers improve aspects such as:

  • Site speed 
  • User experience 
  • Ad earnings 
  • Layout testing 
  • Improved security 

All of Ezoic’s features seem to be helpful and valuable. Most users use it for the Ad Tester, though. 

This machine learning-based solution helps publishers get more money by optimizing ad placement.

It creates various ad placements and test combinations to find the most profitable. 

It does a great job of increasing revenue, especially compared to Google Adsense.

Publishers often see a big jump in ad revenue after using the Ad Tester.

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Ezoic Premium 101

Ezoic Premium is a private program that lets publishers make more money by giving them access to ads that pay more. 

These ads come from well-known brands that have pre-arranged agreements with Ezoic.

The advertisers are looking for specific types of website traffic. 

Invitations to the Premium program are not given out right away, even if your site has a lot of visitors.

That’s because the advertisers want to make sure their money is going to quality visitors. 

It takes time to decide if your website is suitable.

Ezoic Premium is a subscription-based model where publishers pay a monthly fee to get higher display ad revenue. 

The earnings will always be more than the monthly fee.

Ezoic Premium Pros 

The primary advantage of a premium plan is the increased ad revenue.

It’s no surprise that 99% of premium customers signed up for this reason. 

After all, if you pay $100 per month and get back $150+, it’s a great deal.

Aside from the extra income, there are other benefits to using Ezoic Premium, like:

  • Taking advantage of a discounted price on Ezoic Site Accelerator subscriptions. 
  • Enjoying premium advertiser reports lets you see which advertisers make up your revenue. 
  • Get API access and expedited reports to view your ad revenue data 24 hours before regular users. 
  • You can also opt for a dedicated account manager and monthly site reviews.

Early access to reporting is a great perk, but having a dedicated account manager is the most significant benefit of joining Ezoic Premium.

You will always feel prioritized when you need help. 

Your manager will quickly resolve any issues you have.

It is invaluable to have someone to ask about the platform and get the most out of it. 

Ezoic Premium won’t post extra ads to earn more money. You’ll make more with fewer ads. 

Plus, Ezoic claims that premium customers see an increase in regular ad partner revenues.

This is because the platform analyzes Premium users’ data first.

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Ezoic Premium Cons 

Can’t Change Your Plan Manually

You may be hesitant to sign up for the Premium plan because you can’t change it manually.

You also can’t downgrade after you have chosen the Premium tier, which is still challenging to understand. 

But the Premium subscription benefits the publisher, so it’s worth it.

What if your site’s traffic drops, and you earn less than the subscription price? 

Ezoic will then downgrade your account and credit your balance.

This way, you will still make more money than you would have without the program.

Upfront Subscription Payment Is Required

You must pay for your Premium subscription with a credit card.

You won’t earn points, but the revenue might arrive 30-45 days after you pay. 

It would be great if you could deduct the membership from ad revenue, but Ezoic has to wait to get paid by advertisers.

They said they need the upfront payment to spend time getting better advertisers. 

Though it is understandable why they need it, doesn’t this beg the question, “Why wouldn’t you want to have access to the most effective advertisers at all times?”

One-Year Minimum Commitment Requirement

Commit to Ezoic for a year, and you’ll save 20% on all pricing tiers.

That’s great for those who plan to keep their sites for the foreseeable future. 

But if you’re unsure if you want to commit for a year, the higher price for a month-by-month plan can reduce your return.

A year may seem like an eternity online, but it’s a short period for many enterprises. 

Think about your goals and decide what’s best for you.

Ezoic Premium’s Boosted Income Claims

Do you make more money with Ezoic Premium? Yes, you do. 

For example, you can earn up to $60 per month if you pay $44 for the premium plan.

Ezoic splits the profits so you can see the difference. 

So, you’re paying for the plan and making some extra cash.

If you’re on Ezoic and don’t plan to move, upgrade to Premium. 

You’ll earn more, but remember that you may have to pay hefty cancellation fees if you cancel early.

Some may view this as flawed, especially those irritated by long-term contracts.

Considering Other Ad Companies

A Man Considering Other Ad Companies.

Start your new sites with Ezoic – it covers the basics.

But when your site grows, test other ad platforms.

You’ve worked hard to create it, so make as much money as possible. 

A good example is removing Ezoic from two sites with 50,000+ sessions and moving them to Mediavine.

It’s all about business – Ezoic’s business is to monetize websites. 

As a site owner, take advantage of all changes offered.

Ezoic should know this, but their plans don’t seem to reflect it.


Mediavine is a good alternative if you’re looking to make more money.

There’s no chance Ezoic will touch your new potential $30-40 RPM. 

And you will not be charged for “premium ads” on Mediavine.

It’s something to think about if you’re on the fence about Ezoic Premium. 

It’s undeniably an excellent service; Mediavine is worth checking out if Ezoic seems insufficient.

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Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, deciding what is best for your business would be best.

Ezoic is always talking about people switching from other platforms to them. 

There are even case studies of people with negative experiences with Adthrive and positive ones with Ezoic.

Their focus is on providing excellent service. 

Ezoic is still highly recommended.

Remember that when your site reaches a certain level of traffic, you have other options. 

Ezoic has little chance of competing with Mediavine or Adthrive with their premium model.

Many media to large specialty site publishers use Adthrive or Mediavine. 

You can’t compete with top-notch ad companies if you ask people to show expensive ads without paying them fairly.

That’s the bottom line. 

Anyways, this article has hopefully helped you see if Ezoic Premium is worth it.

Stay safe and Good luck!

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