Make Money on Autopilot: The Top Recurring Affiliate Programs

Are you in search of the top recurring affiliate programs? If so, this list is for you! 

After conducting thorough research, we’ve identified the best recurring affiliate programs out there. 

Remember that not all affiliate programs are created equal.

We closely examined the terms and features to ensure that only the programs worthy of your attention are included.

Let’s get started!

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs For WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes allows users to create WordPress themes that can generate a high degree of customer satisfaction.

They are renowned for their popular themes, including Divi.

For every purchase, affiliates are rewarded with a 50% one-time commission, which includes annual renewals.

Best Affiliate Programs For Automated Marketing 


ActiveCampaign is regarded as one of the best affiliate programs due to its quality products and customer service.

However, it may be challenging for beginners to get accustomed to the platform, so they must be sure to target the right leads.

The affiliate program at ActiveCampaign is tiered, meaning that the more one sells, the more commissions one gets.

The Silver Tier provides a $20 commission, which is where most people start.

The Gold Tier offers a 25% commission on $500 in current accounts or $100 in new business in the last three months.

The Platinum Tier requires active accounts worth $2,000 or new businesses worth $4,500 in the previous three months.

Best Affiliate Programs For Sales Funnels and Landing Pages 


ClickFunnels is a business that creates sales funnels.

ClickFunnels also has one of the greatest affiliate programs available.

Two essential benefits of ClickFunnels are the amount of promotional material Russel Brunson (founder) has and his selling skill.

Once you have someone in the funnel, he does the hard work for you.

His free + shipping book offers serve as a big hook because they make it easier to get customers to enter the funnel willingly.

There are also unlimited digital products, such as upsells and a $97/month membership. 

There are two membership levels available. You can earn money by referring new customers and new affiliate partners. 

You also get ongoing commissions of 40% on all sales.

Finally, you get recurring commissions of 5% on all purchases made by your affiliates’ customers.


LeadPages is a popular landing page builder that offers a wide variety of professional designs.

It is an effective lead-generating tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The company also provides helpful instruction and assistance to new customers.

Affiliates are then rewarded with a 30% commission for every sale.

Best Affiliate Programs for SEO 

LongTail Pro 

Niche Pursuits created LongTail Pro, a keyword research tool, a few years ago and then sold it.

There are few chances to earn money through affiliate programs. 

Still, the tool is of good quality and has a high customer retention rate.

Affiliates are rewarded with a 30% commission for every recurring sale.

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Best Affiliate Programs for Shopping Carts


SamCart is an eCommerce platform designed for businesses with only one item.

It creates a page where the product can be displayed, and people can place orders. 

Every affiliate is given a dedicated affiliate manager and will receive monthly promotional materials.

Additionally, affiliates will receive a 40% commission for recurring sales.


Kartra is a platform that has everything you need to make landing pages, set up e-commerce systems, and manage lead generation.

Additionally, Kartra has one of the best affiliate programs regarding compensation. 

Affiliates can make 10% of the sales from affiliates they have recruited and are given a 40% commission on all recurring sales. 

Best Affiliate Programs For Link Tracking 


Improvely monitors link activity and has a click fraud detection system built in.

They offer their affiliates banner ads and text links of different sizes and pay out monthly without delay. 

Affiliates make 50% commission on the initial payment and 10% on recurring revenue for the first year.

Best Affiliate Programs For Membership Sites and Online Courses


Teachable is an excellent platform for creating and advertising eye-catching online courses.

Moreover, they provide their partners with extensively tested sales channels that are tailored to different audiences.

If someone clicks on your link and buys something, you will still get money, even if it’s been three months since you shared the link.

That’s because the special cookies that track the link will still work after three months. 

Furthermore, all affiliates receive a recurring commission of 30%.

Best Affiliate Programs For Graphic Designers 

Best Affiliate Programs For Graphic Designers 


Canva is a highly favored design program that has revolutionized the design industry.

This software also offers the ability to design practically anything. 

This includes anything from basic to complex designs.

Canva also offers a referral program that pays up to $36 for each new referred customer. 

This is a one-time payment, but it is still worth mentioning due to the quality of Canva’s services.

Best Affiliate Programs For Web Hosting 


Kinsta offers top-notch managed WordPress hosting for companies of all sizes.

Furthermore, their customer retention rate is a low 5%, indicating that customers you attract are likely to remain. 

Affiliates are given a signup bonus of $50-$500 for each new subscription, plus a 10% commission for every recurring payment.

Best Affiliate Program For Social Media Scheduling 


SocialOomph is a platform that helps teams plan their social media and blog posts in one location.

Although their affiliate program is not very extensive, they do offer discount vouchers that can be used to attract customers. 

All affiliates will receive a 40% recurring commission for the first year.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – FAQs

What is a recurring affiliate program?

A recurring affiliate program pays commissions each time a customer buys a product.
Recurring affiliate programs are cool because you can make money from more expensive things after getting someone to buy a cheaper item first.

Some programs limit this benefit, but others offer it for life. Therefore, the best programs are lifetime recurring affiliate programs, which we have discussed in this post.

What are the advantages of affiliate programs with recurring commissions?

Recurring commission affiliate programs have many advantages. One of the main ones is that you will keep getting paid as long as your customers keep buying from you. 

Another advantage is that you don’t need to invest as much money, time, or effort to get people into the funnel. Instead of persuading someone to buy an expensive item, you can simply attract them with a low-cost offer.

For example, suppose you want to use Facebook Ads to promote Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels funnel. In that case, he has many free + shipping books that you can use as hook offers, such as Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. 
A unique tracking cookie links these products to your affiliate account when customers opt-in.

Although you will only make a $1 commission on the books, you will earn 40% on whatever else the customer buys for the rest of their life. This does not include Russell’s high-ticket courses and tools for upsells. 

Recurring commissions are popular among affiliates since they make getting people in the door easier and because the payout over time is unlimited. Companies like this type of commission because it leads to more sales that they would not have gotten otherwise. 

It is a mutually beneficial relationship and one of the most successful strategies for everyone involved to increase their online earnings.

What are the disadvantages of recurring commissions?

Recurring commissions can be beneficial, but there are some drawbacks to consider. For example, selling higher-priced items as part of a one-time affiliate program may be more profitable. 

This would result in a single, large commission. Recurring affiliate programs work best with companies with high customer retention rates. Otherwise, customers may unsubscribe before a sale is made.

On the whole, recurring affiliate programs are the most advantageous option. They allow for the creation of a passive income stream with minimal effort. 
As long as the right companies are chosen and qualified leads are targeted, customers should remain subscribed, and commissions should keep coming in.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some of the best programs around.

It is important to consider if they suit your audience. 

The most crucial part is finding the right products for the right people.

These programs are about people paying money every month, so getting people who will keep paying for a long time is essential. 

Establishing a genuine connection with your audience is key.

As you build trust with them, you will be able to create a successful side business or even a full-time career as an affiliate marketer.

Now it is time to get out there and make some money!

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