Earning $3000 a Month: Tips for Making Money on the Side

Say goodbye to the traditional job hunting methods of scouring newspapers and traveling early to apply, and embrace a new way of finding employment.

That is ONLINE.

Fortunately, the internet makes looking for a job more accessible, and working online helps you make money fast. 

If you are curious about how to make 3000 a month using the internet, then this article can show you different jobs. 

The great thing about online jobs is that you don’t have to consider transportation, initial capital, or a diploma. 

You can also practice a healthy work-life balance, independence, and less stress in an office setting. 

How To Make 3000 a Month Online

Be a Freelancer

One of the most common jobs to take online that can help you make 3000 monthly is to be a freelancer. 

Through internet, you can connect with all types of individuals globally and land a client that works best for you. 

Not only are you building more extensive social connections, but you are also helping the economy of your country. 

Many companies don’t care where you are from but will hire you based on your skills and credentials. 

For instance, you can be a virtual assistant, graphic designer, developer, customer service representative, proofreader, and more. 

Launch a Blog 

Blogging is a trend; many people find it a lucrative and effective way to make 3000 a month. 

It is quick to set up a blog as long as you have a basic design and fantastic writing skills. 

If you have the right amount of audience and sponsors, you can earn five to seven figures monthly. 

You can create and promote digital products like online courses and electronic books.

There is also affiliate marketing, where you can endorse affiliate products and earn commissions. 

When you have a good following, you can land various sponsors who will pay you to promote their products. 

There are also display ads like Adsense and Google Ads that lets you earn whenever someone clicks on your ad.

However, you can only succeed in blogging if you already have enough traffic on your page.

You can achieve it by producing entertaining content or updating your site with informative material.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate marketer means you earn a commission whenever a customer buys products through your link. 

The easiest way to be an affiliate marketer is to have a running blog where you can post product links. 

But if you have an excellent social media following, you can also post these links in your profile or posts. 

For instance, Amazon launched Amazon Associates, which lets you earn from their site.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketing can be your favorite income stream because of its ease. 

You don’t need to create your products, so you won’t worry about capital, preparing content, and more. 

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Write Reviews

It is interesting to try different products, especially when you get them for free and earn while writing reviews.

Different companies offer to pay you or give their products in exchange for providing feedback. 

This strategy helps the brand improve not only its services but also its marketing tactic before launching them.

As long as you write honest and practical reviews, you can earn a good amount of profit from it. 

Most companies or sites that pay you to write will base it on the quality of your output, so put your heart into writing.

Provide an in-depth evaluation and helpful comments so they can find your review valuable and worth paying for good money. 

Test Websites 

There are a lot of companies that pay you to explore websites and test them as you go. 

It is a lucrative way to make money because it pays well for just a few simple tasks. 

For example, after exploring their websites, you will fill out some forms and leave comments or feedback. 

You can earn as much as $10 per basic testing or $30 per hour of surfing the page and internet. 

Some companies that pay you to do it are UserTesting, The New York Times, Whatusersdo, The Wall Street Journal, and more. 

Sell Photos 

You can monetize your photography skills, whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer. 

The internet has made this hobby profitable because you have a perfect avenue to sell your photos. 

As more people start their blogs and companies post content for their products, there is a growing demand for photos. 

Brands or sites look for original images they can use for their projects which you can help provide. 

With little experience, you can already make money from it, but if you have more experience, you’ll earn more. 

You can tap into different themes like food, travel, people, nature, finance, and more which sites usually use. 

If you have the means, you can create your portfolio or online store where you can sell your works. 

But you can also access Shutterstock and Adobe Stock to sell your photos and earn from theim.

Rent Your Extra Space

These days, more people are opening their extra spaces and offering them for rent to other people. 

If you have an extra area in your home, like your garage or room, you can make up to 3000 a month from it. 

For example, offer your garage or empty room as a storage space for people who need to put their stuff away.

Or you can also redecorate a room or two and offer it to someone who needs a place to stay.

You have control over how often you want to open it for rent and what amenities do you offer.

You can list your space for the short term, especially when your area has a big event and tourists need lodging. 

If you live near a university, you can offer it as a long-term rental for students who need an alternative to dorms. 

But if you have an entire property you don’t use, you can redecorate it and turn it into an Airbnb rental. 

Create Resumes

Final Thoughts How To Make 3000 A Month

Some people need to be more capable of creating appealing resumes that they can use to apply for their dream position. 

If you have a record of crafting impressive resumes, you can assist people who need them. 

You can work on a commission basis and write the perfect resume from scratch for your client. 

But you can also use platforms that let you build appealing resumes using their tools and templates. 

It may not be as common as you think, but many people in the workforce look for this type of service.

Since it is the first step in applying for jobs, a great resume can help clients appeal better to companies. 

Rent Your Car

Do you have a car but prefer to stay at home most of the time?

Then consider renting your car to other people. 

Some sites offer car rental services like Turo, where you can list your car, set your prices, and schedule. 

You can also create regulations so clients can take care of your car while on the road. 

But these apps also offer insurance to ensure you receive the appropriate reimbursement if your car has damages. 

While offering your car online without help directly from apps is easy, it cannot be completely safe. 

Turo and similar apps can help you find more customers, protect your vehicle, and transact safely. 

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Final Thoughts: How To Make 3000 A Month

You may think that making 3000 a month online is tough, but with these tips, you can make it possible. 

These suggestions will need your time, effort, and skills, but once you tap the waters, you can earn more than $3000. 

As soon as you start now, the faster you can reap the hard work you’ll put into these best ten ways to make 3000 a month.

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