7 Of The Best Affordable Podcast Hosting Companies

There has been a growing trend in podcasting for the past years, whether for sharing stories or earning money. 

There were only a few platforms where you could do podcasting before, but now, several are available. 

As more people listen to podcasts, many creators look for ways to extend their audience reach.

If you are one of them, you may be looking for the best podcast hosting companies to help your podcasting journey.

This list compiles different cheap but impressive podcast hosting companies for beginners to give you a jumpstart.

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Anchor is a top hosting service when it comes to the podcasting industry, mainly because it is 100% free to use. 

The only thing you have to take note of is that it doesn’t have an embeddable podcast player and limited monetization options. 

Nonetheless, you can still do many things when you use Anchor, whether for creating content or distributing it. 

Since Anchor is under Spotify, you can expect wider reach and impressive navigation throughout the platform.

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Despite being free, Anchor has the best features to help you with your podcasting journey.

It has a dashboard that contains analytics, one-click podcast sharing, creation tools, monetization options, and unlimited bandwidth. 

These features are helpful, especially when you want to keep track of your engagement and want a streamlined process. 

Although you have different monetization options, there is still a limit on what you can do to earn money. 

You can only earn through direct sponsorship from Anchor or through your listeners. 

But if you are still starting on podcasting, Anchor is a good option, mainly because it is free and has different tools. 

The automated processes help you to easily create, host, and distribute content, which may also be a disadvantage. 

For some experts, automation can be annoying because they cannot control the creation process. 

However, it can also be advantageous if you know how to use it, especially as a short-term solution. 


You may know SoundCloud as a music streaming platform, but it can also function as a podcast hosting platform. 

You can use their site to share your podcast content with a broader audience because it has several users. 

A free SoundCloud subscription lets you post three hours of podcasts monthly with minimal reporting.

But if you upgrade to their Pro and Unlimited Pro subscription, you can unlock more features. 


Under the Unlimited Pro Plan, you can plan the release schedule of your podcasts and have unlimited upload time monthly.

You can also customize your players so that you can embed and receive advanced analytics on engagement. 

With the social reach SoundCloud has, it will be acceptable to have organic listeners in no time. 

So if you want to get the best out of this app, consider upgrading to their pro plans to unlock better tools. 

They may still have a long way to go in catering podcasters, but you can count on them as one of the most decent hosting platforms. 


PodBean is a popular staple solution in podcasting because its packages depend on your level. 

Whether you are a newbie or a master in podcasting, PodBean can provide the best solutions for your content. 

They have a free hosting package, but it has a monthly limit of 100GB bandwidth and 5 hours of upload. 

It is still good enough to consume if you test the waters in podcasting. 

But if you want to enjoy other features besides basic analytics, prepare at least $9 to unlock additional features.


PodBean is a crowd’s favorite, and it is because of their notable features that are essential in podcast creation.

If you subscribe to their plans, you can have embeddable players, unlimited bandwidth, automated distribution, and a podcast site. 

You also have flexible ways to make money through your podcasts, and the tools aim to help you grow as a podcaster. 

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Another famous podcast-hosting company to try is Podomatic which has been in the industry since 2005. 

Their limited free version has over 500MB of storage and 15GB bandwidth every month, and basic analytics. 

These features are enough to kick off your journey and realize your podcasting goals if you are a beginner. 

You can enjoy their free plan as long as you want because it does not have an expiry, but they also have paid plans. 

To get the most out of Podomatic, you can upgrade to their Pro Plus and Pro Platinum, which start at $12.49. 


Podomatic is available on mobile, so you can use it whether you are an IOS or Android user. 

They also have embeddable players you can put on your site or use their Weebly-powered site. 

There are various monetization options because you can distribute content on Patreon, Twitter, AdvertiseCast, and Facebook.

However, there are still storage and bandwidth limits if you upgrade to the Pro plans of Podomatic.

Unless you purchase their Broadcaster plan, all plans are unlimited and give you greater control over your content. 

This podcast hosting platform has an easy-to-use interface, which is an excellent start for a newbie podcaster.

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Pat Flynn, one of the famous content creators, developed Fusebox to solve some podcasting problems. 

As a content creator, Flynn knows what exactly are the gaps to fill that some developers may overlook. 

For example, a WordPress plugin allows you to post your podcast to reach a larger audience. 

This platform is free, but their membership starts at $9 and unlocks premium features. 


Fusebox allows you to play podcasts for your listeners and lets you interact with them organically. 

You can use their social media sharing tools to reach more audiences on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The timestamp, speed controls, and episode players also help create more engaging content for listeners. 

All of these features are fully customizable, and they provide marketing solutions so you can monetize your content. 

However, despite the ability to share podcasts on sites, Fusebox only allows it on WordPress sites. 

Fusebox is ideal for generating traffic on your site if you are a podcaster with a WordPress website.

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Podcastics are excellent, whether you are using their free or premium plans, because of their sophisticated features. 

Their free plan offers a valuable set of options though you may need to host your episodes on your server. 

In no time, you’ll find their features helpful and may want to upgrade to some of their best features. 

In their subscription, which costs $8, you can have a more automated podcast hosting opportunity. 

But you can try their one-month free trial to test the brand-new features without strings attached. 


Their Pro plan has a fully managed podcast hosting package with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and download. 

With no restrictions, you can also import podcasts from other hosting platforms, such as Apple Podcasts

The platform also allows you to see analytics of your episodes and manage your subscribers. 

Additionally, you can post your podcasts on their provided website and use different monetization options. 

It is one of the finest podcast hosting platforms on this list, but you can only get the best out of it when you upgrade your plans. 

Podcast Garden

Podcast Garden is a top podcast hosting platform offering beginners reasonable prices. 

However, you may need help with its design because the user experience may be rough. 

Most users still find it convenient and straightforward, so you can quickly learn how to use it regardless of your background. 


Podcast Garden is an excellent choice of hosting site because it has free options and a cheap monthly plan.

You can post your show once a month for the free plan, but the premium plan brings you so much more. 

For example, unlimited bandwidth, uploads, file storage, and the number of episodes can be limitless. 

You also get backups for your episodes which is crucial if you want to access your old shows conveniently. 

While the analytics they provide are bare and the interface needs to be improved, it still has many features on free and paid plans. 

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Final Thoughts

Podcasting is a powerful and trendy medium to engage with your audience and reach more followers. 

It benefits listeners who prefer to multitask while listening to stories and advice from podcasters. 

If you have the talent to speak and share your thoughts, you should try podcasting.

In the long run, this hobby is an excellent way to generate income with sponsorship and advertisements. 

You must use the best podcast hosting companies to get the best out of this podcasting opportunity.

This way, you can ensure revenue, gain followers, and experience growth to keep your podcasting journey going.

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