How Much Do Sponsors Pay YouTubers?

You may have wondered how much money YouTubers make when they include disclaimers like “this video was brought to you by…”

In this post, we’ll explore the topic of how much money YouTube content creators get from endorsement deals.

We will also touch on other methods of making money on YouTube, like Google’s partner program, referral links (commonly known as affiliate marketing), and promoting your products. 

Okay, let’s get to it. 

Who Receives Financial Support From Businesses On YouTube? 

who receives financial support from businesses on youtube

YouTubers can get brand deals and sponsorships in any niche their content is in. 

It’s a common pitfall for creators to rush things out too soon.

It’s unrealistic to think that after making three videos, a business will want to pay you.

That’s pretty reasonable, right? 

A company will want to see some history of success.

They could also require a certain number of views or subscribers. 

If you want to attract YouTube advertisers, they need to see that you know your audience and can appeal to a particular demographic.

In other words, can your viewers become their customers? 

Is the outlet viable for the company, and will they see a good return on their investment if they choose to work with you?

Consider devoting some time to investigating relevant channels.

YouTube is fantastic in this way because you can see the content that your competitors have been pumping out for years. 

You can practice what you learn on your own channel, which can lead to higher sponsorship payments from YouTube advertisers.

How Much Money Can You Make With YouTube Sponsorships? 

how much money can you make with youtube sponsorships

Sponsorships can take numerous forms, ranging from free products to thousands of dollars for every video.

Some YouTubers conceal the fact that they’re getting paid by sponsors.

They don’t want to seem like they’re peddling products to their customers. 

I suggest only going for paid sponsorships with companies whose products you use and love.

You’ll feel much less of a sellout that way. 

Sponsorship is just another term for affiliate marketing. 

Try not to dismiss a brand’s request for collaboration.

This is business knocking on your door. 

Try to envision yourself in their place.

They only have a cursory understanding of who you are.

And so, why would they feel safe giving you money in exchange for something they can’t be sure will boost sales for them? 

It’s always a leap of faith, however small. 

Affiliate marketing offers a back-end revenue share, and the payouts are usually rather good.

It’s not dissimilar to hiring a salesperson on commission solely and paying them a very generous commission.

The amount of money you’ll make is contingent on your performance as a content creator and marketer.

How To Get Your YouTube Videos Sponsored 

how to get your youtube videos sponsored- how much do sponsors pay youtubers

The answer is NETWORKING. 

Make connections with other YouTubers in your niche.

You could also try sending messages to your chosen brand management. 

The trick is to maintain good communication with brands you’d like to work for. 

One way to go about this is to get involved with their social media activities.

You’ll also want to weave your way into the content they produce. 

If you want to approach businesses directly, don’t limit yourself to the big, well-known ones.

Try to find startups that not many people know about. 

They’ll be thrilled that you considered them and made an effort to contact them. 

Just make sure to include a link to your channel and begin the conversation there. 

Izea and GrapeVine Village are just some of the sponsorship marketplaces you can join. 

Other Money-Making Methods On YouTube 

Even before you sign your first commercial contract or have your channel monetized through the Google Partner Program, it’s possible to start making money on YouTube. 

I think you ought to treat YouTube as its own business and check out its various monetization options.

Here are some ways you could have money rolling in:

YouTube Partner Program 

youtube partner program

This could happen before or after you sign sponsorship deals with other companies.

You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 monthly unique viewers within the past 12 months.

Once you reach this threshold, YouTube (Google) will begin placing adverts within your videos, and you will receive a portion of the revenue generated from these commercials.


consulting - how much do sponsors pay youtubers

Content creation in a specific niche might lead to paid consultancy work if your audience finds value in what you have to say.

It’s true that this approach is only effective in a limited field, but I still think it’s worth pursuing.

Promote Your Own Products or Courses 

how much do sponsors pay youtubers - promote your own products or courses

You can be your own sponsor! 

Once you’ve established credibility with your audience, you may start promoting your own stuff. 

I would suggest using a platform like Thinkific if you are interested in creating your own online course.

It’s also a good idea to sell physical products that you’ve created.

Establishing an online store may be done with the help of services like Shopify and Etsy.

Affiliate Programs 

affiliate programs - how much do sponsors pay youtubers

Affiliate marketing has the most potential for passive income, so it might just be your new favorite type of online promotion. 

Because of the potential for passive income, affiliate marketing is my favorite kind of online promotion.

You can create excellent content outlining the benefits of a product or service and then recommend readers to the business in exchange for a commission on sales.

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Final Thoughts 

Getting paid sponsorships is only one way to make money off of your YouTube videos.

You have many other options at your disposal. 

Payment can also take a variety of arrangements, depending on the nature of the sponsored video.

As compensation for the content, you will receive, at the very least, a freebie or two. 

It would help to learn the ins and outs of how Google and YouTube handle sponsored content.

Remember that your audience size, type, and engagement can determine whether you make hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Imagining yourself as the business spending the money on marketing will help you realize what reasonable pricing is.

What would you consider a fair deal? 

To what extent do you believe you could recoup your costs and see a profit from this collaboration? 

At the end of the day, I’m sure you’ll only want to settle for a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Good luck out there!

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