Ezoic vs Mediavine: The Guide to Choosing the Best Ad Network for Your Site!

Integrating an ad network to show ads is the best way to monetize your efforts if you’ve been working on a content site.

Choosing the right one can be tricky; this article will help you with this Ezoic vs. Mediavine comparison. 

You may want to avoid AdSense, though, as earnings can be low.

We’ll look at qualifications, cost, and earnings potential. 

Most importantly, we’ll see how much you can earn with each network for sites with under 100,000 monthly visits.

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Ezoic vs. Mediavine: Features Comparison

Acceptance: Details and Requirements

Let’s compare the two networks to see which is best for your website based on its size.

We’ll look at the requirements for joining and the average acceptance time.

Acceptance To Ezoic 

Ezoic used to require a minimum of 10,000 page views per month, but they no longer have traffic requirements.

This means sites of any size can use their monetization features. 

However, there are still a few requirements: 

  • Your site must adhere to Google’s ad policy and be in good standing with the search engine. 
  • Anything that breaches copyrights or is objectionable won’t be allowed. 
  • Adult content, bullying, and topics like politics, healthcare, and financial services may face additional restrictions. 

To be eligible, you must also publish content regularly and have a way to show your traffic stats.

Google Analytics will be your best friend here.

Approval In Ezoic 

The sign-up steps are easy with Ezoic, and acceptance is within 24 hours, barring a few exceptions:

  • It usually takes 12-24 hours for approval, plus 3-5 hours to set up and test the network. 
  • Ezoic’s plugin makes it easy to integrate your WordPress website. A few clicks and you’re done!
  • All you need to do is copy and paste your account ID. Allow a few hours for everything to sync up, and Ezoic will automatically start running ads.

Acceptance To Mediavine

To be accepted by Mediavine, your site must meet specific criteria.

It must be in good standing with Google and have unique, long-form content. 

You must also have had at least 50,000 sessions in the last 30 days.

This is sessions, not page views, which is stricter than many other networks. 

You may get more money in the long run, so it’s worth considering.

Check your Google Analytics audience overview report to see how close you are to the 50,000-session requirement. 

Then, fill out the simple form with basic information about your site.

It should take about five seconds if you meet the criterion.

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Approval By Mediavine

It usually takes two to three weeks for Mediavine to review your application.

You’ll get emails from their team during the process. 

They’ll need lots of info about your site. They may ask for more information or explanation on some parts. 

The Mediavine support team may contact you with questions about your content, such as how you’ve integrated ads or affiliate monetization.

If approved, they’ll contact you with any last-minute changes and tips to make the process smoother. 

The process takes five to seven business days, and ads will appear on your site then.

User Experience 

When choosing an ad network, it’s essential to consider how it will affect the user experience. Nobody wants to visit a website and be bombarded with ads.

Ezoic UX

Ezoic can be a great help or a hassle, depending on how your website configures.

Some sites have seen fantastic user experiences with Ezoic, while others have had difficulty. 

Let’s examine some elements to determine which group you could belong to.

Site Speed 

Using Ezoic’s basic edition can cause page load times to increase by 6-9 seconds, which can be bad for user experience and organic traffic.

Ezoic has a CDN to help with this, and using it correctly can cut page load times in half. 

If you’re already using a CDN like Cloud Flare, you’ll need to switch to Ezoic’s CDN to benefit from this feature.

Leap By Ezoic

Ezoic’s new feature, Leap, is designed to help with site speed.

It’s free and optimizes what you need to pass web tests. 

Core web vitals are Google’s indicators of user satisfaction.

Leap is free for customers with 500,000 monthly page views and can cut load times by half. 

Ezoic offers a site speed accelerator for $29/month, which can help restore page performance metrics to pre-Ezoic levels.

With the accelerator, total net speed loss could be between one and three seconds.

Ad Placement 

Ezoic gives you complete control over where ads appear on your site.

After you’ve been accepted and finished integration, they’ll start testing different placements. 

You can choose from various profiles, from user-friendly to the most ads possible.

They’ll also try various positions to see what works best. 

You can add or remove ad placements one at a time from your Ezoic dashboard if you think there are too many or too few.

Mediavine UX

Site Speed

Adding an advertising network to your site can slow it down, but Mediavine’s adverts are designed to minimize this.

Mediavine page load times are much faster than Ezoic, even with expensive Ezoic tools. 

With Mediavine, you can control the number of times individual ads are presented.

Mediavine offers an outstanding balance between user experience and revenue potential. 

At the same time, Ezoic may be better if you want complete control.

Mediavine is ideal if you want a hands-off approach and trust Mediavine’s experts.

Ad Placement

Mediavine gives you less control over ad placements than Ezoic.

It uses five basic ad positions, which must be kept during the 90-day onboarding period. 

Contact Mediavine support if you want to make adjustments.

They can offer recommendations or changes if something is obtrusive. 

This is because Mediavine is designed with the user experience in mind.

Ads are set to load lazily after the rest of the page, optimizing Google’s page speed insight standards. 

You will not need other add-ons.


When considering a network, the cost is something to take into account.

Remember that there are usually fees associated with using them. 

Generally, the base fees for each network are taken out of the money you make.


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Ezoic Costs

Ezoic offers a “free” tier, but you should expect to pay them at least 10% of your earnings.

Additionally, they will place an Ezoic ad on your site with your other ads. 

There are also extra charges if you use the site speed accelerator.

Depending on the number of domains and page visits, this could cost you between $29 and $999 monthly.

Mediavine Costs 

You’ll get 75% of the ad revenue, and Mediavine will keep 25%.

That’s a good deal – for every $100 you make, you’ll get $75, and Mediavine will get $25. 

As your ad impressions increase, the percentage Mediavine keeps may decrease to 15%.

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It’s time to discuss the main point: how much money can be earned from each network?

Possible Earnings With Ezoic

Ezoic can generate between $10 and $12 for every 1000 pageviews.

It’s possible to make more, up to $25 to $30, but $10 to $12 is a reasonable estimate. 

Keep in mind that your earnings may vary from month to month.

Niches can make anywhere from $3 to $15 per 1000 pages.

Possible Earnings With Mediavine 

We’ve seen a significant improvement in revenue with Mediavine compared to Ezoic.

On average, you can make around $20 for every 1,000-page visit. 

It’s a vast difference – a site that used to make about $4 per 1000 pageviews can now make about $19 with Mediavine.

It may take some time, but you’ll get there.

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Final Thoughts 

Comparing Ezoic and Mediavine, it seems the one that will make you more money depends on your industry.

Many have seen a revenue boost after switching from Ezoic to Mediavine. 

Start with Ezoic when you have good traffic, and upgrade to Mediavine when you meet their requirements.

If unsatisfied with the outcome, you can always return and try again. 

Do note that Mediavine is still an excellent choice for newcomers with decent traffic.

Either way, we hope that this article has been helpful to you! Good luck!

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