Wise: International Money Transfers

International money transfers may be complicated and time-consuming, with expensive fees and long wait times.

International payments have become more straightforward with online money transfer services such as Wise.

This article will give a detailed answer to the question, “How does Wise work?” Simplifying foreign payments. 

We will also examine the service’s features and capabilities, how it compares to conventional money transfer methods and its advantages.

Wise Money Transfer Website.

Origin Of Wise

Wise was founded in 2010 by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann.

The two friends discovered how much banks charge for salary transfers.

Taavet used to get paid in pounds but paid his mortgage in euros.

On the other hand, Kristo got his salary in euros in London.

Their banks used to send money from Estonia to England.

The waiting game took four days, and they discovered that bank fees and exchange rates made them lose a chunk of their salary every month.

To avoid fees, they planned that Taavet would transfer euros to Kristo’s bank and that Kristo would deposit pounds in his.

Wise was founded with this core idea and has transformed global money transfers. 

Their multi-currency account simplifies personal and company finance.

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How Does Wise Work?—Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know what Wise is and how it started, you can use its services to enjoy its promises.

Wise simplifies money transfers.

Here’s a guide for a seamless transaction:

Wise Calculator for Fees

Wise’s online calculator shows conversion rates and costs.

Enter the amount and currency you want to send.

The calculator will display Wise fees and the exchange rate without an account.

Wise’s transparent money transfer method lets you see how much you save with this option.

They have the lowest fees—almost eight times lower than banks.

Smart Account

Wise accounts are free and only needed by senders, whether individuals or businesses.

Since Wise sends money straight to receivers, you don’t need a Wise account.

Android and iOS users can use Wise on mobile and PC (I use a desktop).

Some countries require three days to verify your status.

Wise, a financial institution, may need ID for transactions depending on your country and amount.

Business accounts require business information and verification.

A scanned copy of your ID, proof of residency, and a photo of you holding it are usually required.

Enter Recipients Information

After verifying your account, you may enter recipient information.

It must include the recipient’s name and local bank account information.

If money is accessible, you can transfer it to someone, a firm, etc.

Again, a local bank account is enough to receive the money.

Transfer Money

After completing the details, you can transfer the money.

Debit/credit cards or local transfers to Wise’s bank account are accepted. 

I approve payments put up by a team member.

To pay with Wise, US and Canadian residents must link their bank accounts.

Let Wise Do Its Work

Wise transfers money worldwide as soon as you pay.

They use local bank accounts to send money cheaply.

Wise will work in real-time and faster than a bank transfer.

The receiver will receive an email to track the money if the transaction is successful.

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How to Receive Money Through Wise

Wise makes receiving money easy.

The sender will pay if you give your local currency bank account details.

Wise accepts money from over 50 countries.

You need a Wise account to receive free USD, GBP, EUR, NZD, PLN, and AUD.

Wise needs a currency account in the currency you anticipate receiving.

To complete the Wise account setup, complete some account details.

Share your Wise details with clients, businesses, and individuals when transacting.

If the currencies match, their money goes immediately into your current account.

You can quickly change the money in your current account to your native currency.

How to Pay for the Money Transfer?

Wise offers several money transfer methods by country.

You can choose a faster or cheaper method.

You can choose from the following payment methods.

Wise Security Features

Wise adheres to all country-specific legislation in which they operate.

These organizations make regulations to protect your money and keep Wise transparent.

Wise’s security team safeguards data and transactions.

Bank-protected: Wise keeps your money in safe, reputable banks.

Audit: Wise audits their account transactions to protect your money.

Data Protection: Wise’s in-house team protects data.

Agency-regulated: Wise follows FCA and FinCEN laws.

2 Factor Authentication: Wise adds security with two-factor authentication.

Features Of Wise

Wise is quite different from what it was in 2010.

They have new financial aid features.

TransferWise became Wise to reflect on its expanded services.

Wise presently offers these features to clients worldwide.

Multi-currency Accounts

Wise allows multi-currency accounts with more than 50 currencies.

A Wise multi-currency account lets you convert and transact in any currency.

When converting, use your currency’s real-time exchange rate.

When sending money in a different currency, this service may incur expenses.

Receive money from abroad with account data for some currencies.

Smart debit cards let you spend your account currency everywhere.

Wise Debit Card

With a multi-currency account, you may want to spend everywhere.

Wise offers debit cards that work in the supported countries.

The Card saves you money on foreign fees if you travel often.

It is your multi-currency account’s physical embodiment.

Add your first currency account to Wise and add over 50 currencies afterward.

You can use this multi-currency debit card if you have a sufficient balance.

You can order the Wise Card on their website or app.

Give your name and address and wait for verification.

Check their site for country-specific shipping terms.

After getting your Wise Card, activate it.

For US Mastercard, enter the six-digit code under your name.

Money Transfer

Wise makes it easy to send money to more than 80 different countries. 

It has made a name by giving its users a smooth experience.

Wise has made it easy for people to move money at any time and from anywhere by letting them send and receive money on both mobile and desktop platforms. 

Also, their payment network makes money transfers cheaper than traditional bank transfers, with low prices and no subscription fees, saving users money in the long run.


Wise’s new Asset feature lets you invest your account money in equities.

Assets are only available to UK tax residents. 

They plan to roll out these features to other countries as well gradually. 

You can keep your money in cash or stocks.

Cash is the default.

Choose “Update Asset” from the currency account you want to use to change this setting.

If there are pending transactions, this modification may take two days.

Stocks Invest your entire portfolio in Wise’s index tracking fund.

Cash won’t grow but won’t be subject to stock market risk.

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Wise Fees

Wise calculates your money transfer transaction with these fees:

Card Fee

Wise charges more outstanding debit and credit card fees than banks.

It processes personal transfers promptly but costs 3.8% from credit cards and 1.25% from debit cards.

Wise charges corporate credit cards 4.33% and debit cards 1.1%.

Wise deducts 0.8% to 4.55% from non-American cards sending USD.

Bank transfers cost less but take longer.


Wise charges a fixed cost and a percentage of your transfer.

Service costs vary by currency and platform.

Their Wise Fee Calculator is the easiest way to estimate costs.

Wise Money Transfer Benefits


Wise has the lowest money transfer costs since they use accurate currency rates.

Wise calculates savings transparently so clients may see how much they can save.


Wise money arrives quickly, and a transaction can be completed daily or in real time.


Your money is protected because Wise is FinCEN-registered and functions like a bank to safeguard your money and data.


Wise was founded because moving money into a bank was inconvenient.

Now its mobile app and desktop site allow seamless online money transfers.


Wise revolutionized global money transfers and offered other financial services, including Wise cards, multi-currency accounts, Assets, etc. 

Individuals and corporations can use them.

Wise Money Transfer Drawbacks

No Checks or Cash.

Wise does not accept cash or checks because they have no offices.

You can’t deposit cash.

They only accept debit, credit, and online payments.


Wise accounts are free.

However, fees depend on the currencies of sending and receiving nations.

Again, currencies limit account holdings and receipts.

No Interest

Wise accounts don’t earn interest because they’re not banks.

Their Assets option lets you invest in stocks, but it’s risky.

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FAQ: How Does Wise Work?

Is Wise Trustworthy?

Wise safeguards international money transfers as its platform leverages cutting-edge technologies to protect data. FinCEN and other trusted agencies regulate them.

Their million users conduct billions of dollars in transactions yearly, demonstrating their market penetration and trust.

Is Wise Good to Use?

Wise is helpful because it lets you compare possibilities to save money.

It has the lowest bank fees and uses a mid-market exchange rate.

You may follow their real-time transfer to see if the receiver received it.

Wise lets you hold, transfer, receive, and use multiple currencies with one account.

Why is Wise cheap?

Banks and other financial service providers often add hidden fees to international money transfers. 

This can significantly affect the exchange rate and leave the user with an alarming exchange rate. 

But Wise is committed to offering money transfer services that are clear and affordable.
The Wise Fee Calculator lets users see the fair exchange rate and low, fixed transfer fees quickly. 

Because the prices are transparent, there are no surprises, which gives people peace of mind when they send money overseas.

Is Wise a Bank Account?

Your digital wallet or account with Wise is non-bank.

But Wise follows bank standards, making it safe.

Unlike banks, Wise accounts cannot lend or collect interest.

You may manage your funds without transaction fees or lousy exchange rates worldwide.

How Long Does a Money Transfer Take?

Wise can process global currency transfers in real time for up to 24 hours.

Payment methods and routine checks determine the period.

Holidays and local bank issues may delay it.

Before sending your payment, Wise displays an expected fund arrival time.

Wise sends notifications and lets you track your transfer via email and account.

Conclusion: Why Choose Wise?

Wise continues to work hard to help people manage money with fair charges and efficient service. 

Globally, people trusted them since they could save more with their fee transparency.

Over a million personal and commercial accounts, including ours, trust them with money management.

Wise clients can hold over 50 currencies for free and use them globally with the lowest fees.

Bolt, Monzo, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, and other top companies are their investors.

Hence, we thoroughly recommend Wise.

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