The Cost Of Starting A Podcast: A Breakdown for Beginners

A podcast is a great way to express yourself creatively, supplement your message, and connect with people who listen. 

Everything necessary to create a high-quality podcast at home can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. 

A computer is all you need to start; you can have a successful podcast with some dedication. 

Let’s consider how much it costs to start a podcast and focus on getting your message out to the world.

Itemized Costs to Start A Podcast.

Would you prefer to podcast as a hobby or as a business?

First, examine the objective because I presume two groups will read this.

First, some hobbyists only want a quick estimate to see if it’s affordable.

Second, some entrepreneurs want to know how much profit they can make after expenses. 

To make things easy, I have divided the podcasters into three types.

  1. The “I want my podcast to sound professional” Podcaster
  2. The “I want to learn everything right now” Podcaster
  3. The “I just want to make great content” Podcaster

The podcast launch requirements will vary for each type so we will discuss them individually. 

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Items Required To Begin A Podcast:

Aside from a catchy podcast title, here are some costs you will incur as you start a successful podcast.

  • Podcast equipment (recorders, cameras, microphones, etc.) 
  • Software (editing solutions, media hosting, etc.) 
  • Cover art (the graphic symbol of you and your podcast) 
  • Music or sound effects (sound design for sprucing up your show) 

Let’s examine what these items look like for each type of Podcaster: 

The “I Want My Podcast To Sound Professional” Podcaster

So, you want to go the DIY way.

What would be some of the costs you might incur before you start your podcast?

If you prefer some expensive equipment to ensure effective message communication.

You better invest in two high-quality microphones, one for yourself and the other for in-person visitors or co-hosts.

To record podcasts, buy a digital recorder.

Most professional microphones need professional recording gear and won’t work correctly with a computer. 

It also means the equipment is portable to record high-quality audio at events or interview spots.

Finally, depending on your goals, you may need online recording software.

If you want to invite faraway co-hosts or interviewees, sign up for one of these services.

You’ll be outsourcing music and cover art on Fiverr or Flexjobs.

You can pay experts in the field to ensure the finest possible representation of your business.

The “I want to learn everything right now” Podcaster

Many people who purchase high-quality gear also invest in learning how it operates.

They’ll also invest in courses to establish and professionally run a podcast.

For example, new podcasters would benefit from a detailed walkthrough of the editing procedure.

You’ll also learn how to promote your site on social media, create unique content, and choose the best way to make money.

So if you’re a professional podcaster or want to earn from it, proper education is necessary. 

It may also be helpful for a hobbyist who isn’t too technical.

Courses are highly beneficial, but they are also quite costly.

Make sure to fit into this category before incurring the costs of learning how to start a podcast.

The “I just want to make great content” Podcaster

Do you want to skip the technical aspects of podcasting because equipment, editing, hosting, bit rates, RSS feeds, and show publishing aren’t your thing?

If that’s true, then you’re a content churner. 

Some people want to press the record button and talk.

They can write and deliver a powerful message.

However, they’re unable or uninterested in turning that message into a live podcast.

For those people, podcast-producing services were introduced.

Consider how much it costs to hire a podcast production company when you start podcasting.

Podcast production services will convert your unprocessed audio into a polished product.

This means removing mistakes and silences, adding sound effects and music, leveling, compressing, and “mastering” the file. 

Then those files are uploaded for subscription on Apple Podcasts and other platforms.

To profit from your podcast, you should focus on making great content for most businesses.

For hobbyists, it’s more sensible to outsource editing after a particular mark.

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How Much Your Dream Podcast Would Cost? 

After reading the scenarios above, I hope you found the correct category.

Many start with the essentials and work their way down the list, eventually creating a professional podcast. 

Others assume a high-quality level and remain there indefinitely.

Consider the costs incurred to start a podcast, whatever Podcaster you choose.

The “I Want My Podcast To Sound Professional” Podcaster

You’ll need a Zoom H5 recorder, two Samson Q2Us, two good-quality XLR cables, and a set of studio headphones. 

This purely professional setup will let you record high-quality podcasts for many years. 

It will also allow for going out and doing great-sounding in-person interviews, plus the freedom to chat with a co-host weekly. 

The Q2Us can be plugged right into your computer as a USB microphone.

Depending on your format, a Zoom PodTrak P4 might work better for you than a Zoom H5.

You can also download call recording software and hire a regular graphic designer for cover art.

Graphic designers can charge anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on their level of expertise. 

Like other popular podcasts, you’ll want some intro music and customized audio branding.

This entails hiring an agency like Music Radio Creative to create a professional-sounding intro and outro for you.

Cost Breakdown: 

  • Two XLR Cables: $30 
  • Two Samson Q2Us: $150 
  • Zoom H5 or Zoom PodTrak: $200 to $250 
  • Studio Headphones: $50 to $130
  • Podcast recording software: $12 per month 
  • Cover art: $195(ish) 
  • Dedicated podcast host: $12 to $24 per month 
  • Music: $170(ish) 

The “I want to learn everything right now” Podcaster

Various podcasting courses are available online, like The Podcast Host Academy, which offers multiple services.

Naturally, prices differ, but take The Podcast Host Academy as an example.

Their courses cost $350 a year, and they teach you the whole launch process, including planning, presentation, equipment, recording, editing, etc.

Finally, they address the topics of releasing, marketing, and monetization.

Expect to pay between $250 and $550 for a course on a unique area of podcasting or more than $2000 for an all-inclusive system plus one-on-one help.

Cost Breakdown: 

The “I just want to make great content” Podcaster

If you fall into this category and are considering the costs of starting a podcast, I’ll offer you a range of options because there are as many pricing plans as many suppliers.

Quality, reliability, and experience all count when choosing a supplier.

I’ve done another post on podcast production costs: if your show isn’t business-critical, low-cost production is fine.

A freelance producer can do it for about $30 per episode if you agree with varying quality.

For many hobbyist podcasters, this is completely fine.

However, if you intend to boost your exposure and sales, your production must be of excellent quality, which means hiring a production team.

Keep aside roughly $45 for every episode.

Remember that you don’t need to pay a podcast producer to handle your production.

Alitu is online software for making podcasts. It was created to automate cleaning, processing, editing, and uploading tasks.

Cost Breakdown: 

  • Small Budget: $30 per episode 
  • Alitu podcast maker software: $28 per month or $280 per year 
  • Expert podcast production: At least $45 per episode 

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How Much Does A Podcast Cost? 

It isn’t easy to give the total cost, so you can pick from the options I’ve provided.

However, based on the two most common groupings, here’s an idea of the total costs.


You’ll be okay with the bare minimum if you begin as a podcaster.

You can keep things simple.

But you still need to know how to use your equipment, plan a show, and tell people about it. 

Although many people can figure things out independently, group learning saves time and boosts confidence.

Cost Breakdown: 

  • Upfront fee: $330
  • $30 per month 


Now, a company does podcasting to generate revenue on its investment in this medium.

Besides money, their goal may be brand exposure, leads, or fan authority.

However, it must return something; therefore, investing time and money is worthwhile to get it right.

In addition to their primary jobs, employees can be given a set amount of work each week, like editing or publishing podcasts.

Many company employees are genuinely enthusiastic about the concept.

However, other businesses prefer to focus on their strengths, delegating the technicalities of podcasting to professionals.

In that case, a corporation should buy high-quality recording gear and hire a production partner. 

The partner company will provide enough expertise to substitute for a course.

The second is more common in big businesses than the first, which is more common in small businesses.

Here’s how much business podcasting costs.

Cost Breakdown: 

  • Upfront charge: $950
  • $330 per month 

Helpful Resources

Here are some resources to assist you: 


FlexJobs is a website where freelance graphic designers who offer low-cost services can make a great thumbnail for your podcast for a low price.


Many podcasters use Audacity, free, open-source software that lets you record directly from your microphone, edit recordings, layer tracks, and export your episode to different file formats.


GarageBand is an excellent app for Mac users.

It lets you layer multiple tracks, add an intro and an ending, and quickly add audio files.

Plus, you may export your audio as wav. or mp3 while directly recording from your microphone.


Alitu is a web app for making podcasts.

You can record things like online calls or a Zoom webinar inside Alitu, or you can upload recordings from other places. 

Alitu does an excellent job of removing noise, leveling, and doing other things to improve the sound quality of your audio.

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Final Thoughts 

Now you have a good idea of the cost of starting different podcasts.

You also know the prerequisites for launching your podcast, and it’s time to start.

Don’t let indecision and inaction hinder you from reaching out to your listeners.

Set a date for when you want to release your first podcast episode and enjoy making a helpful podcast for your listeners at a price you can afford.

Let’s see you in the podcasting world!

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