How to Make 100 Dollars a Day— Best Ideas for 2023

Did you know it’s possible to learn how to make 100 dollars a day?

Yes, you can make extra money on the side even if you are still in school or have another job.

We all want to be financially free, but only a few people are willing to put in the work.

To make $100 in a day doesn’t have to be hard work.

It could just be “smart work.”

Keep reading as this article contains our best ideas that could make you $100 fast every day in the upcoming year.

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Become a Virtual Assistant

Forbes says that freelancers will likely be in more demand in the future.

Since the COVID-19 crisis, 47% of hiring managers are more likely to hire independent professionals than before.

What do virtual assistants do?

Virtual assistants work from home and do a wide range of tasks.

This includes administrative work, data entry, writing, graphic design, social media management, and anything else their clients ask for.

Sign up for a site like FlexJobs or Upwork if you have a skill you can offer to clients remotely.

Even though the least you can make on Fiverr is $5, it is possible to make more than $100 in a single day.

The two most important factors are how long your services take and how efficiently you complete them.

Launch A Niche Blog & Have it Monetized

Almost everything has moved online after the pandemic.

Due to this, having a website and a strong digital presence will open you up to several money-making options.

One of these doors is a blog. It will also help you make a name for yourself. 

We started a blog a long time ago. Our first goal was to have a place to share our projects and bucket list with the public.

Blog Costs

But keep in mind that growing a blog to the point where it pays you $100 or more daily takes time, consistency, and money.

It’s not as simple as asking how to make $100 quickly.

It takes time and effort to construct anything of value.

For less than $100, you can start a simple blog (for one full year).

But if you want some shortcuts, we used BlueHost or WPX to host this blog and Generate Press as the WordPress theme.


Are you wondering what you can do to make a cool $100 without too much trouble?

Here’s one more thought.

Have you considered renting out an unused room in your home or apartment?

If you have a spare room, listing it as an Airbnb rental is the simplest solution.

You can rent it out for the weekend or a few nights each month to make an excellent $100.

Many people, including myself, have turned Airbnb into a full-time job and put their whole homes up for rent on the site.

To do this, you’ll need to have a fully furnished home close to restaurants and other amenities.


Neighbor is a new product that is being called “Airbnb for personal space.”

If you have a basement, room, or parking space in your garage that you don’t use, you can list it on Neighbor and let other people use it to store their things or park their cars.

Neighbor has made it easy for you to do this by putting you in touch with people who need more storage space.

You can also make an extra $100 a day by renting out some of the things you don’t use at home.

For example, if you don’t use your camera often, you can list it on FatLlama and rent it out for extra cash.

FatLiama has a category for everything that is used less often, like ladders, bikes, guitars, drones, and tents.

Sign up for FatLlama, look through the categories to see what people want, and you can start making $100 a day from home.

Selling Photos on Shutterstock

Images you upload to sites like Shutterstock can be sold to the public for a profit.

This is a fantastic way to earn some cash if you know how to take great pictures and have a decent camera.

All you have to do is upload photos that people want, especially ones that are hard to find.

The steps are easy.

Once someone buys one of your photos on Shutterstock, you can start making money.

You should also try to make more money by buying high-definition cameras that let you take better pictures.

The better the quality of your images, the more money you will make.

With Shutterstock, you can sell your photos and make $100 daily.

YouTube Channels and Monetization

Setting up a YouTube channel costs nothing, and numerous revenue streams are available to channel owners.

You can become a YouTube partner and put ads on your channel.

There are requirements to become a YouTube partner, such as a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

This might take a while to build up.

But why should we wait?

You can make videos about different products in your niche and put affiliate links in the descriptions.

If someone buys something through your link, you’ll get a commission.

Once you have a following, you can get paid by people to make videos for them.

Selling Physical Items Online

Shopify and Etsy are all great places to start selling online.

Shopify is a platform that takes care of everything for you.

You can use it to list your products and accept payments.

Etsy is another online store that sells things that are handmade or old, as well as craft supplies.

You can place these things into different groups, like jewelry, bags, clothes, home decor, furniture, toys, art and tools, and craft and supplies.

Online sales, whether on Shopify or Etsy, have the potential to generate $100 daily income for the right person quickly.

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Sharing Skills on SkillShare

You can upload simple videos to Skillshare.

Every day, tens of thousands of students seek help on these sites.

They will pay to download and read what you write or watch how you do what you do.

So, it’s a great way to make money without doing much work for a long time.

Taking Surveys

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Participating in paid surveys is a surefire way to make quick money online.

Many spam survey sites ask for your personal information but don’t pay you for taking surveys.

Instead, we suggest you try Survey Junkie.

You will be asked questions about a wide range of topics, and you will be paid for completing surveys.

You can fill out these surveys while you watch TV or drive to work.

It won’t be the best-paying job, but it’s an excellent way for you (or maybe your teen) to make some extra cash.

If you sign up with them, they will let you know when surveys are available and pay you for completing them.

Capital One Shopping

When the price of something you bought online goes down, you may be able to get your money back.

This is another excellent way to make money.

Even though you might not make $100 in a day because it depends on what you buy and how prices change, you will make some extra cash.

Capital One Shopping helps you track what you buy and files a claim for a refund on your behalf.

It has a mobile app that lets you monitor its activity in real time.

Get Paid to Walk

Yes, you can get paid to walk. Isn’t that a fun thought?

Some apps and websites will pay you money to walk and work out.

You can link other apps to these apps and websites to track your activity as you walk and get fit.

Just put these apps on your phone and make it a goal to make $100 daily.

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Final Thoughts

Reading about ways to make money is fun and easy.

Taking action will be the tricky part, though.

These steps and ideas have been tried and tested, so they should work for you too.

Also, don’t just stick to one idea.

Try as many as you can to increase your chances of making money.

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