guy letting it rain down on him

Want to quit your 9 to 5, build income streams, and live a flexible life?

You’re in the right spot.

We don't have anything against the corporate world.
It's just not for us.
We're anti 9 to 5'ers.
It's our mission to encourage you to rain on the corporate way of doing things.

Our system leaves holes in education that need to be plugged.

"Get the education, get the job, work 40 years, and everything works out from there."
That's what we were taught.
You too?

But there are a few problems…
What exactly is the ‘proper’ education?

How are we supposed to learn about personal finance and how to become an entrepreneur?
What if we want to live a life on our own terms?
What if we value life flexibility over working corporate jobs for 40 years?

If that’s your story, then it’s time to rain on the corporate parade.

Join us.

Together, let’s make it rain…