6 Things To Make And Sell Online For Decent Cash

You can make extra money by looking for things to make and sell online.

These business ideas can help you make money if you’re willing to shell out a little capital.

Don’t worry if you aren’t artistic or don’t know enough about technology.

This article includes some things you can still sell even if you aren’t proficient at either.

Once you know how to approach these businesses right, they can also make you money.

People may have told you that you can’t make money with the arts, but you can prove them wrong by telling them about people who were both creative and successful in business.

Brandon Bechtel made $1,000,000 by making candles.

In the first year of business, Mike Pasley’s clothing line brought in $70,000.

Alex Moore makes at least $3,000 a month selling jewelry for men with themes like the outdoors and nature.

Caroline and Isabel Bercaw, who are both in their teens, sell bath bombs and make $20 million every year.

People may pay money for the different crafts you sell. If you get the jackpot item, money will fall from the sky.

There’s no telling how profitable these small ideas can be in the long run.

Things to Make and Sell Online for Profit

Things to Make and Sell

Personalized Gifts

People like to give personalized gifts because they are unique and can’t be bought anywhere else.

A survey showed that customers want and are willing to pay more for personalized service. They aren’t impressed by the fact that big stores don’t offer many customized options.

It gives small businesses a chance to make up for the lack of charm of big retailers and make more money.

If you want to make your handmade gifts more memorable, you could add custom name engravings or thank-you notes.

Pottery and Ceramics

Ceramics are always the most popular items.

Not the easiest thing to make, but the easiest thing to sell. Many people like to collect ceramics and pottery or use it in their homes.

Because of how they approach the market, some ceramic sellers have run out of stock.

Some potters give their work a theme and sell it to people who like that theme.

To make your ceramics stand out from those of your competitors, you need to create designs that aren’t like what everyone else is doing.

Use your sense of humor to come up with funny phrases, quotes, or memes that you can add to your product.

You can also design ceramics for a job or as a hobby.

It may not be the easiest or fastest thing to make, but you don’t need a big room to get started.

If you are new to ceramics and pottery, you can start projects with polymer clays or concrete.

Woodwork Goods

You might think that making a craft out of wood takes a lot of work and a lot of knowledge.

People still like this kind of art, even though it is true.

The things that sell best on Etsy are simple ones, like mug coasters or small ornaments.

They are used as decorations, as gifts, or as hobbies.

Since this business idea requires specific skills, buyers expect that the items will cost more because they are paying for things that aren’t common in the market.


Many people are interested in jewelry in general, not just handmade pieces.

Slowly, they’re getting interested in making it.

You can buy jewelry creation kits for a low price.

Kits for making jewelry typically include materials like gemstones, beads, and wires.

People’s tastes and fashions change over time, so the best way to know what style to go for is to keep up with the trends and watch fashion icons.

It can be easy or hard to make jewelry. All of it depends on what you want to make.

Think about what people would like: something simple or something fancy.

Now that you know which options will appeal to your target market, you can decide how and when to make your jewelry collection.

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are very popular with kids and make a lot of money.

You can choose how your enamel pins look. Come up with designs that people like, that are cute and original, and that are in style.

Then, work with a manufacturer who can turn your design into a genuine enamel pin.

You can make it yourself if you know how. But you can hire someone to make your designs come to life.

Once the design is done, you need to look for a manufacturer.

Ask for examples of their work, decide which materials you like best, choose how many pieces you need, and negotiate the budget.

Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are popular now because they are made with materials that are safe for people and the environment.

This change shows that most cosmetics users are now more aware of the chemicals in some products from top brands.

Simple Skincare is a brand of cosmetics made with natural ingredients. They sell to people with sensitive skin who need safe skin care products.

Creating your own organic cosmetics brands takes time because you need to plan out the formula, the look, the branding, and other things. It’s important to stress that you must be careful with your products’ recipes.

People will love your products and help your business grow as long as you use the right formula.

Arts & Printables

Do you like to paint or make other kinds of art?

Do you also like to mess around with Photoshop and create digital art?

Then this idea could be a great way to make money.

You can try selling either traditional or digital art, or maybe both.

You can give each niche a unique twist and combine them to make a collection.

You can sell them at art shows, fairs, and online shops like Etsy.

Your digital art can also be sold as stock photos, card designs, and much more.

Starting a Craft Shop Online for Profit

Choose Your Items To Sell

Starting a Craft Shop Online for Profit

The list above should have given you some ideas about what things you could sell in your online craft shop.

Don’t just think about how much money you can make, but also how much you want to make these crafts.

Consider these guidelines when choosing your products:

  • Choose things that people want but aren’t too common.

Instead of adding to what people already have, make something new and interesting that they will like.

In addition to these, don’t forget to:

  • Add your own twist to the products.
  • Make arts and crafts that you like.

Choosing a clever name for your store

The name of your shop is one of the most important things about it.

It is your brand, your marketing plan, and the key to the growth of your business.

Pick a unique name for your store.

You should be creative when thinking of a store name. Sometimes, people remember strange names better.

Sign Up On an Online Selling Site

When you start a small business, you know that any amount of money, no matter how small, is valuable.

Together, platforms like Etsy, Sellfy, Shopify, and even your own website can help you sell your goods well.

Etsy only charges $0.20 and other taxes for each product listing.

But since more than 300 million people use Etsy, your sales will be more than the fees you have to pay.

On the other hand, Shopify only charges you monthly fees once you’re ready to sell.

So it’s free to set up a seller account. With the Debutify theme, the number of conversions in Shopify stores goes up significantly. Debutify also has a free trial for 14 days.

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This is the end of the guide, which hopefully has answered any questions you had about making and selling things.

Hope you found the best business idea so you can easily set up your online craft shop.

If you have these choices, you don’t have to stick to just one product to sell.

You can add a little bit of everything to your business idea, like digital and physical products.

This is so your shop can keep up with the market and continue selling consistently.

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