Buzzsprout Vs. Libsyn—Which Is Better?

To become a podcast star, you must use the best podcast hosting service.

This makes you think about the “Buzzsprout vs. Libsyn” Debate.

Continue reading, as this article will provide a detailed comparison of the two platforms, including essential functions, prices, and more.

After reading this article, you can choose which podcast hosting service.

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An Introduction to Libsyn

Libsyn is a widely used podcast streaming service created in 2001, making it one of the oldest podcasting platforms.

It hosts some of the most well-known podcasts, which is both a benefit and a drawback. 

This is because it is a significant player in the industry and has not been very innovative in recent years.

Companies like Buzzsprout have been making strides in the podcasting industry and have impressed many people. 

Overall, Libsyn is an excellent choice due to its popularity.

However, it is essential to learn more about it before deciding.

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Ease of Use

Libsyn recently updated its website, which was outdated and unappealing.

It was challenging to use and hurt the company’s reputation. 

The new website is much more attractive, modern, and easier to use, making it more straightforward for users to finish their work.

This update is great news for Libsyn’s standing in the podcasting industry.


Libsyn is a podcast hosting service that offers four different plans for users.

The Classic 50 plan is the cheapest at $5 per month and includes 50 MB of storage, podcast source app listings, and a mini-podcast website. 

The Advanced 400 plan is the most expensive at $20 per month.

It includes 400 MB of storage, comprehensive downloadable stats, and advanced IAB v2.0 stats. 

Advanced 1500 and Advanced 3000 are available for more storage for $75 and $150 per month, respectively.

These plans are suitable for those who need to publish a lot of content every month.

Key Features  

Monthly Storage Space 

The size of the monthly storage you can use will depend on the package you choose.

It is important to note that storage refers to the amount of new content you can upload monthly. 

Your monthly limit will be reset on the first day of each month; uploading as much content as possible before the new cycle begin is recommended.

Unlimited Listenership 

All Libsyn plans provide unlimited listeners, so there is no need to be concerned about additional costs when your podcast becomes more popular. 

This makes it easier for both established and new podcasts to compete.


Your podcast can be securely distributed to popular streaming services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play Music when hosted on Libsyn. 

Additionally, your episodes will be available in Libsyn’s directory.

This is made possible by the 100% RSS feed that Libsyn provides.

Multimedia Hosting 

Libsyn is more than just a host for audio files. It also allows users to upload videos, PDFs, and texts.

The ability to post various media types can enhance the content, making it more attractive to audiences. 

This versatility can be a great asset in building a successful brand.

Podcast Site 

You can take your podcast show to the next level by having its website.

Libsyn offers a mini-podcast site that can be customized and filled with relevant links, increasing the show’s exposure. 

Furthermore, if you have a WordPress account, you can easily link it to your podcast with Libsyn’s WP Publisher Hub.

Getting Your Domain 

Having a domain for your podcast will emphasize that it is its distinct entity. Libsyn offers the option to purchase a domain for a small cost of $2 per month.

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All About Buzzsprout 

Buzzsprout is a well-known podcasting platform that was founded in 2009.

It has become popular due to its free services. 

Although it is not as well-known as some competitors, its users have attested to its reliability.

Let us take a closer look at it to determine if Buzzsprout is the right choice for you.

Ease of Use

Buzzsprout has always had a straightforward, user-friendly design.

It is straightforward to use. 

Uploading recordings, publishing episodes, and other tasks are all uncomplicated on the platform.

The website is easy to navigate. 

Additionally, they don’t measure your tiers in megabytes but by time.


Buzzsprout offers a free plan with two hours of upload time each month and no limit to the number of team members.

You can remove Ads with payment. 

Paid plans offer up to twelve hours of upload time per month, with the cost varying depending on the amount of time.

All plans include indefinite hosting, Magic Mastering, unlimited storage, and the ability to import existing episodes. 

Files uploaded with the free plan are deleted after 90 days, so considering a paid plan for those looking to take their podcast seriously is worth considering.

Key Features 

Upload Hours

The amount of hours one can upload on Buzzsprout depends on what they are willing to pay.

The free plan offers two hours of uploads, but the episodes will be removed after ninety days. 

Those willing to pay $24 a month can upload up to twelve hours of content, an excellent option for larger podcasting businesses.


All of the payment options Buzzsprout provides have an unlimited storage capacity.

It’s also noteworthy that the free version of Buzzsprout only retains episodes for 90 days.


Hosting with Buzzsprout is similar to Libsyn because it provides a secure RSS feed for your podcast.

This ensures that your podcast is streamed securely on all primary streaming services.

Magic Mastering 

Having good audio quality is essential for podcasters to make it big.

Magic Mastering from Buzzsprout helps users balance voices, music, and sound effects, master audio levels to the proper loudness, and reduce background noises. 

It is an excellent tool for achieving professional-sounding audio.

Reviews suggest that the fee is worth it for the improved audio quality.

Free Importing of Files

Transferring files from another podcasting platform to Buzzsprout is possible for those on paid plans.

It also comes at no additional cost.

Unlimited Team Members 

Having a well-established professional-level podcast requires a lot of effort.

Fortunately, Buzzsprout makes getting the help you need easy, even if you’re on the free plan. 

With Buzzsprout, you can add an unlimited number of team members.

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Buzzsprout vs. Libsyn: Comparing The Main Features 

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Podcasters looking to save money may opt for Buzzsprout’s free plan, but it is limited.

Libsyn is a better option for those who require more storage and features, as it offers 250 MB of storage for $15 a month. 

Buzzsprout charges $18monthlyh for six hours of storage, equivalent to 150 MB.

Libsyn is more cost-effective than Buzzsprout, but Buzzsprout’s features may make it worth the extra cost.

Compounded Payments

Either podcast platform offers no yearly subscription plan; instead, payments must be made every month, meaning no discounts are available for paying for an entire year. 

However, there is no need to worry as neither platform utilizes contracts, meaning canceling a subscription is always an option.

Free Trials

You can use a promo code to access Libsyn for a month without cost.

Buzzsprout does not require a free trial; it offers a free plan you can utilize immediately. 

If the features are desirable, upgrading to a paid plan is an option.

Monetization Options

Podcasting newcomers may not prioritize monetization.

The need to make money from the podcast may arise as the podcast grows. 

Libsyn and Buzzsprout offer monetization solutions, with Libsyn being the simpler of the two to find a product that fits the brand.

Customized Podcast Players 

The player can be embedded on both platforms, allowing users to put episodes directly onto their website or other platforms.

It is easy to use and can be personalized, making it an excellent choice for audio content. 

Listeners can access the audio and get information about the episode.

Episode Stats 

The significance of podcast statistics cannot be underestimated.

They offer you valuable data used to enhance your podcast’s quality. 

Statistics are accessible on both podcasting platforms, and all the data you can acquire will comply with the IAB’s standards.

It is beneficial that all Buzzsprout customers have access to advanced stats. 

To get the same stats from Libsyn, you must be on one of the premium plans.

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Final Thoughts

This guide was created to assist in the decision-making process between Buzzsprout and Libsyn.

If you are still unsure, trying both is the best way to decide. 

Buzzsprout offers a free plan, and Libsyn sometimes has month-long trials.

This will allow you to compare each platform’s features and decide which best suits your podcasting needs. 

We wish you the best of luck in your decision, though!

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